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Framing Desire at Fort Worth's Modern

Allison V Smith - parked

Allison V. Smith   Parked, May 2011. Mar fa, Texas, 2012   Chromogenic color photograph   46 x 46 inches
Image courtesy The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Big photos and big video in Framing Desire at the The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in Art Here Lately.

Foolin’ ‘round with my camera & some Art

James Zamora - Camera Profile - Photograph Copyright 2015 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

James Zamora   Camera Profile   $2,300   at Ro2 Downtown

Me Foolin' with my camera and art on the Art Here Lately page.

The City Has Decided What To Do with the White Rock Lake Water Theatre;
The piece will be destroyed and the artists will get paid to do something else, so they like the deal.   Do you?   Yeah, me neither.

Glow In The Dark Art - Photograph Copyright 2015 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

Tom Orr and Frances Bagley   The White Rock Lake Waer Theatre in 2001
Time Exposure taken from the Bath House's Back Porch  PHOTO ©2001 by J R Compton

Download the City's Report as a PDF

The Editor has written a thorough, well-researched review of this issue, with historical photographs, relevant links and logical conclusions you will not find elsewhere.

DALLAS: The City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs announce(d) the results of an engineering study conducted to determine the status of underwater foundations of the White Rock Water Theater, a public art installation at White Rock Lake. The report, reviewed by the Public Art Committee on Monday, February 9, indicates that the structural steel footings and foundations of the Water Theater have deteriorated and a complete replacement of the poles would be needed. The full report is available for download on at DallasCulture.org/publicArt.asp. The estimated cost of a complete restoration of the Water Theater is $198,375.

"After additional research to identify opportunities for this public art project, the Public Art Committee has recommended to the Cultural Affairs Commission that a contract be issued to artists Frances Bagley and Tom Orr to develop a new public artwork that re-envisions the ideas of the Water Theater," says Interim Director, David Fisher. "The new public artwork would be designed for sustainability and would be located in a place that does not currently have public art. "

The Cultural Affairs Commission will review the engineering report and recommendation of the Public Art Committee at 4:30 pm, Thursday, February 19 at the Latino Cultural Center.

The White Rock Water Theater has been the focus of local and national public debate during the past year following the move in January 2014 to deaccession the work from the Dallas Public Art Collection due to deterioration. Public meetings were held in March 2014 to discuss the pros and cons restoring the artwork. Viewpoints were aired in support of repair and in support of deaccession and removal.

The 12th not-quite annual Hecho en Dallas doesn't really have a web page, but they'll send you a PDF. The web address they sent out may work by now, but there's no official prospectus, but hey, their deadline's not till February 28. The scoop is on our Art Opportunities page, and maybe you can find it on their site, too. I'm pretty good at that, and I still can't. Good luck, there don't seem to be any rules or any of those pesky size requirements for uploading image files, and it's free to enter. And no, at least in past shows, there weren't any requirements that you're a Latina or Latino. It's actually been a good little local show, one of few area competitions left. The title means "made in Dallas."

The Thomas Tripletts Always Traveled Togethr - Photograph Copyright 2015 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

new Long-time DallasArtsRevue critic Michael Helsem's story, Noseblind in Gaza mixes Margaret Keene's lifework, that movie & art, including this painting, now at Valley View Mall's Small Gallery.

Two new stories on Art Here Lately #21:
Four Wet Allusions
is serious art crit with pix, and
Remembering James Watral is mostly photos of his memorial.

Rance Jones - Roundstone Harbour - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

Rance Jones   Roundstone Harbour    watercolor 27 x 19 inches

New Work by DallasArtsRevue.com Supporting Members
See our Members Page for links to many more artists.

Kathy Boortz - Bathing Bird (detail) - photo by J R Compton

Kathy Boortz   Bathing Bird (detail)   2014


Michael McKenzie -

Michael McKenzie   Harlequin's Dance  (Pelagic Presence)   2014   oil and mixed media on canvas


Reviewing Some Faces of Impressionism at The Kimbell

Berthe Morisot - Young Woman in a Ball Gown - photograph copyright 2014 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Berthe Morisot   Young Woman in a Ball Gown   1879   oil on canvas

I've finally got the words right. My story makes sense without pandering. I've found fascinating flaws in ointment. And while my review of The Kimbell's Faces of Impressionism is ready for reading.

A Transfer of Spirit: Artists who
studied with
Roger Winter

Laurie Hickman Cox - Spinnin' Girls

Laurie Hickman Cox    Spinnin' Girls   1990   oil on canvas   50 x 50 inches   NFS   Courtesy Valley House Gallery

My review/story of A Transfer of Spirit: Artists who studied with Roger Winter at Kirk Hopper through October 25 is now on the Art Here Lately page, where after only eight readers had seen the story, Show Curator Roger Winter sent some corrections, which I quickly incorporated. Thanks always to DallasArtsRevue readers.


The MAC sign - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved. is moving to The Cedars

Intriguing aptly describes the impending move of the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC) and its building's owner Claude Albritton III to the Cedars next year, where Albritton is buying a former Ford dealership's land.

In the Dallas Morning News story, Albritton is called "co-founder of the popular McKinney Avenue Contemporary gallery, performance and arts center," but the501c3 nonprofit and tax-exempt status of the organization was handed over from Dallas Artists Research & Exhibitions (DARE), which had had its own dreams of becoming the Art Center for Dallas artists (during the then-temporary financial demise of D-Art — now called The Contemporary) until DARE was unable to pay the Air Conditioning bills on the old Westinghouse warehouse near Deep Elm that then DARE Board Member and later Contemporary Director Joan Davidow found for it.

Calling Businesperson Albritton the co-founder of the arts organization, because he owned the building they've been in for the last 20 years, is a little silly, when DARE was co-founded by Dallas Artists Greg Metz and Tracy Hicks and, at the time of its financial demise, was headed by a strong board of area artists. But that may be what we get when nonprofits cede legitimate legal, nonprofit statuses to businessmen with dreams of art ascendancy.

Housing a legitimate nonprofit arts organization in a building owned by a businessman is not without its precedents, before The Oak Cliff Cultural Center's current building on 223 West Jefferson Boulevard, a similarly City-connected Cultural Center was housed in the old ice factory at 1004 W. Page St., near the intersection of Polk and 12th Street in Oak Cliff, which was owned by Don Sala.

Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980s at the Fort Worth Modern thru Jan 4

Jenny Holzer - Survival

Jenny Holzer   Survival   1989   horizontal LED sign:
red diodes and black powder-coated aluminum housing

Except that my images of this show are arranged chronologically down the page in which I prostitute myself for a tasty breakfast there and the chance to be alone with all that massive art, don't expect much sense in my latest story about famous art from the second to last decade of that last century in America's biggest city, because I mostly dawdle on about what I did and what was going on in Dallas then, with the text peppered with out-of-context memories and other idiocies that stream down the page like endless digital letters in one of Jenny Holzer's electronic digital signs, visually echoing into and out of the big Modern windows and out into the the lake.

Art in the Dark on the Art Here Lately page

Justin Strickland Hoff - In Lincoln

Justin Strickland Hoff   In Lincoln  24 x 24 inches

Art in the Dark is a who-done-it sleuthing for several shows in a row I saw that failed to have identifications for most of the artwork.

I'm rushing a piece I started yesterday, to promo Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980s at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, which notion is so wrong for an e rag priding myself on promoting Dallas art, artists and art spaces, that I just have to rush-job that one, even if my on-site recording of the gallery tour fizzled. Pushing my words seems to help. Inside Out took two weeks, and I'm still not sure it's complete.

Inside)(Outside Live Performance
Is it is, or is it isn't Performance Art?

Lindsey Allgood - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

Oklahoma Performance Artist and Performance Art Teacher Lindsey Allgood in Illustrated Recipes

My profusely-illustrated story about PerformanceSW's Inside Outside performance showcase is now online.

Considering 21 pieces of Serious New Texas Talent

Olivia Themudo - untitled self-portrait - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

Olivia Themudo   Untitled Self Portrait 15   24 x 34   photograph

My review of what turned out to be the 21 most interesting artworks in Craighead Green's 21st anniversary New Texas Talent show, is online. In this new story, I take a few liberties with language and the order, but these are the works I found most worthy of consideration.

Art That Intrigues

Thomas Struth - Stellerator Wendelstein 7-X Detail Max Planck IPP - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

Thomas Struth   Stellerator Wendelstein 7-X Detail Max Planck IPP, Greiffswald, Germany   2009
C Print 5 x 6.64 feet   framed edition of ten

Art that Intrigues is about one wonderfully unassuming piece at The MAC Members Show, one piece of not-art at RE Gallery's Art Yard Sale and several, intriguing pieces at the DMA.

The Art Here Lately page is where most of the art reviews from the past several years are, and now there's a new Art Here Lately Index, so most reviews from the past few years are much more accessible. Links to stories back to 2000 are on The Index and the “Site Map.” And you can always Google This Site for names, shows or titles on the more than six hundred pages on DallasArtsRevue.

“Real” and Apparent Depth in selected work from
Ro2 Art's
Chaos II, a curated show of small art

Jeff Parrott - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

Jeff Parrott   Untitled  $850

My first review after a couple months of art ennui concerned Ro2 Art's Chaos II show of small work.

I reviewed the movie, Sign Painters, and it's near the top of my 1,830 movie reviews, although all of the visual art-related ones are reviewed in Art Movies Revued. Then Sign Painters Promoter Kyle Greenberg linked me to Keepers of the Craft, an eight-minute mini-documentary featuring Sean Starr of Denton's Starr Studios, and I stumbled on another short, Jesse James, Chopper Gold Leaf and Pinstriping (3:26), followed by more video links.

There's art opportunities on the Art Ops page.

Two White Ibises Landing at Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

This tiny portion of a much larger frame of White Ibises at Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area southeast of Corsicana is as fine art as I could make it, even if it's unlikely I could ever show it in an actual art exhibition, but it marks the end of The Editor's most recent slog through Art Ennui, although I haven's stopped photographing birds since June of 2006, and I have finally accepted that photographing birds is my art form. There's a much-unvisited index of Art Ennui page that explains my experiences with those, and that silly page also includes another index — of the concept of Objectivity, which, of course does not exist.

Sam England - Home Sweet Home - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.  

Sam England   Home Sweet Home

The review of Sam England's paintings and the historical mention of the amazing roving Playboy Bunny from Marfa and beyond, and that silly concrete bus stop with the Ram on top of it that's been in the parking lot of The Contemp is now on Art Here Lately #19.

Not Really Random Art & Artists on Art Here Lately #19

Reviewing Dallas Artist George W. Bush's World Leader Portraits

George Bush's Portrait of Putin - Photograph Copyright 2014 JRCompton.com. All Rights Reserved.

George W. Bush   Vladimir Putin   oil on canvas   2014

This review of Dallas Artist George W. Bush's portraits of world leaders at his Presidential Library at SMU began when National Review asked me for "professional art criticism" of W's work, and since I'd already been thinking about the show, I accepted and got paid a whopping $50 for it. 24 hours after they published it on their website, I was allowed to post my original story with some slight revisions and my own, much more accurate photos of the show.

Fighting Words in The Controversy Over Tom Orr & 
Frances Bagley's
White Rock Lake Water Theater

Tom Orr & Frances Bagley - The White Rock Lake Water Theater - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

Frances Bagley & Tom Orr   The White Rock Lake Water Theater   metal, concrete, paint and birds   life size

Couples — Half & Half at The Bath House

Letitia Huckaby - Serena - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

Letitia Huckaby   Serena   pigment print on fabric

Following The Nasher Trail to Sculpture around Dallas

CURTAINS Video Module - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

The main video module for CURTAINS by Good/Bad Art Collective of Denton on the 14th Floor of
the Bryan Tower downtown is just one, large element of an impressive 3-D and multi-media show

Following the Nasher Trail of XChange - 10 Years, 10 Sites, 10 Artists — mostly from out of town, scattered around Dallas. My journey ended one day before the tour did. In the last three stops, I discuss work by the only two Dallas-area artists/groups.

David Bates Retrospectives: sculpture + painting in DFW

David Bates Self-Portrait - 1998-2013

David Bates   Self-Portrait   1998-2013   aluminum and paint

Two David Bates Retrospective stories are on Art Here Lately #19. Both — his paintings at the Modern in Fort Worth and his sculpture and drawings at The Nasher in Dallas — include extensive images and commentary.

There's also a review of one of the new Dallas Biennial 2014 (DBI) shows, complete with a list of other DBi14 shows, also on Art Here Lately.

Tol Hay performs in Alison Starr's action 9 - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Tol Hay performs in Alison Starr's Action 9/Wrestle at the opening reception for
Objective Strategies, curated by Randall Garrett at El Centro College downtown.

Objective Strategies, an intriguing show curated by former Plush Gallery Director Randall Garrett at El Centro College features eight Dallas artists — Val Curry & Robert Reedy, Jeff Gibbons, Michael Morris, Ryder Richards, Alison Starr, Nicky Tavares and Monica Ugartechea, all working in three-dimensional and time-based media including sculpture, installation, video and performance.

starbucks back - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Val Curry and Robert Reedy   One Day   2013   cast paper pulp 

Little Friedrich Nietzche Spina a spin - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Little Friedrich Nietzsche Spin-a-spin-spin over the dark soft landscape — sideways

A strange exploration of UTD in the Dark.

Preserving Octavio Medellin's Windows is now on its own page.

Creative Differences at 500X: The 35th Anniversary Exhibition at 500X was a remarkably impressive exhibition that sets the standard for 500X anniversary exhibitions that have often been crammed to the gills.

The Lost Paintings of Mary Iron Eyes: When somebody told me he wanted to sell "The Lost Paintings of Mary Iron Eyes," I was intrigued enough to do some serious sleuthing to learn all I could about my dear friend and the paintings she made. I ended up buying one major piece that I want to keep and two I'd love to sell to someone else who loved Mary when she was alive.

Diana Goldberg and Julie Cohn - Luminaria - Photograph Copyright 2013 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Julie Cohn and Diana Goldberg   Luminaria

Two New Art Installations at Dallas Love Field: Two new public art installations will greet travelers at the Dallas Love Field terminal entrance. Tom Orr’s Intersected Passage [top] and Diana Goldberg and Julie Cohn’s Luminaria [above] are the latest additions to the Love Field Art Program, a collection of newly-commissioned, permanent public artworks at the airport.

Michael Wynne - Life's Short, Play Naked; Val Curry + David Reedy at Ro2 downtown; Colette Copeland + Shelby David Meier videos; Pinky Diablo at Webb in Waxahachie; the DMA and two Art Event E-lists reviewed on Art Here Lately #18

Charlotte Smith + Lance Letscher shows reviewed by Norman Kary

My major opus review/revue of The Age of Picasso and Matisse exhibition at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth is different, with two dozen big photos, plus 84 & counting links to more info, thousands of images and gobs of history.

Inspired by Ansel Adams' friend and worker, Photographer John Sexton's lecture at Richland College and his and his wife Anne's show at Sun to Moon Gallery, I shot art and surroundings along this week's art tour a little differently. • Really, really, really bad art are in the new art wing of Valley View Mall. • Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear's intense redux of their Pizzicato Porno in Fair Park's historic Margo Jones Theatre. • Delta, the 2014 MAC Member Show was not altogether amazing, but there are some winners. • New Texas Talent's 20th Anniversary show at Craighead Green. • What if Performance Art doesn't engage? • Danielle Georgiou's I Hate It When a Book Smells Bad, and PerformanceSW's pre-panel discussion at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Celia Eberle   Wither   2013   copper, brass and barite crystals   8.5 x 36 x 2.5   $2,800

Art Reviews:  Celia Eberle's exquisite work at Cris Worley. • "Recent developments in sculpture" from four area Latino artists at the Latino Culture Center. • Akirash's Oda Performance Art in Pegasus Plaza downtownDueling Performance Art at the DMA. • Paul Abbott, Simeen Farhat & Joel Sampson in Art Here Lately, and Danielle Georgiou's Beauty/Beast performance at Red Arrow.• Engaging Art at the Shamrock Hotel • Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear's Pizzicato Porno performance art at Ro2 downtown • Reviewing the late Ann Cushing Gantz' Estate SaleShards, lines, masses; Foam, strings, gases; Lumps, bumps & performance art flashes in Art Here LatelyGeorgia Stafford: Stuck in a World Not My Own • Talk, Splatter, Funk + Zags on Art Here Lately #15 • Glam Cars, Eyes left, Geo Glow, Nutty-Putty Monuments And Beyond • Cool Art on Warm Days in Winter • One Piece Behind Every Open Door at the Continental Gin • Color vs. B&W at 500XDallas SITES: Charting Contemporary Art, 1963 to Present • Rockwall Fine Art? • Our Personal Journey on the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour • Big Tex Burned Out, but The State Fair was a hoot. • Nada Dada • The 2012 500X Open showBernini: Sculpting in Clay • the Kimbell's Age of Impressionism • Dueling Performance Art Series at 500X & CentralTrak • Art and Not Art in Rich Kid Park
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The 2012 Oak Cliff Visual Speed Bump Art Tour

Kim Cadmus Owens - title unknown - Photograph Copyright 2012 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Kim Cadmus Owens — I don't think there could be a better painting for an art tour.
blank gif
spacer gif

Our most popular art community pages

Some of the most interesting shows in this century include:  Modern Ruin    Sustenance   Demolicious   Mod Roo, Too  

For awhile, I had Terry Hays' and my Cura! Cura! Cura! & Cura! Cura! Cura! show listed in that last line above, but those shows were really better than ours, IMHO. I'm so sorry I did a show without doing a genuine blog of all the gory details of it, day by day, step by step, but these two pages log it fairly well, and maybe someday I'll put them together into one page, instead of strewing little bits of the story through several disparate pages of this website.

Who + What This Site is All About

DallasArtsRevue is an online publication whose supporting members each pay $100 for the first year, and $75 each succeeding year, for member pages showing their art. See the Member's Index for a link list of member artists, which include many of Dallas' best.

The title is DallasArtsRevue, not Review, but there are many stories about Dallas artists and reviews and pictures of Dallas art. Most of the stories from the last few years are linked down this page. Older stories are linked from the elderly site map. Someday, something else will be here, and all the old links will be on the site map.

More membership information is available from either the simple How to Join or the much more informative What You Need to Know to Make the Most of Your DallasArtsRevue Membership page, and there's A Short History of DallasArtsRevue, which was published on paper during the last century and online all of this one.


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INDEX of DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members' Art — See the link list of area
artists who financially support this site and link to their pages of their art.

Interviews with artists and art-exhibitors   (arranged alphabetically by the artist's last name)

index of interviews on DallasArtsRevue
Very short interview with Veronica De Anda about her work called Removed
Speaking Out about Spoken/Unspoken by Alex Coyle — by J R Compton & Kathy Dello Stritto
Interviewing Dallas Center for Contemporary Art Director Joan Davidow by J R Compton
an informal interview with C J Davis
former Dallas artist Jeff Green
Jeff Hogan & The Ever Expanding Universe by Jim Dolan
Studio Visit and interview with Norman Kary
Being and Making in New Lebanon: Fused Glass and Free-range Chickens, an interview with Bert & Ann Scherbarth by Jim Dolan
Interviewing James Michael Starr, Part One    Part Two    and  Selling, Not Selling and the Effects on Art
Big Time Art Person From Outta Town Weighs In On Local Arts; Locals Breathe Sigh of Relief — interview with Charissa Terranova by Jim Dolan
Interview with D-Art Founder Mary Ward by Julia Frazier

A logical extension of this link list of overt interviews are the links to some of our Studio and Other Visits with Artists, just below.

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Cassandra Ermswiler - Gilding the Silk Lily - Photograph Copyright 2013 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Cassandra Emswiler   Gilding the Silk Lily   detail   2012   mixed media|   at Oliver Francis    March 2012
in Art Here Lately #14

Studio and other visits with artists

Index of Art Tour & Visit Stories
visiting art people and art places, an incomplete index

Studio Visits with artists in Fierce, DallasArtsRevue's 4th Member Show, which included other artists:

Norman Kary   Matt Kaplinsky   Nancy Ferro   Jason McPeak   Elisabeth Shalij   Enrique Fernandez Cervantes   Ann Huey   Kathy Boortz   George Bailey   Mark Collop   Jeane McIntosh   Gaby Pruit   Ken Shaddock   Charlotte Smith   Bill Verhelst & Susan Lecky   David Hickman   Rita Barnard   Randall Garrett   Paul Rogers Harris   Annie Davis   Rebecca Boatman

Showing Process: DallasArtsRevue on the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour — with Mark Williamson, Michael Helsem and Art Shirer at J R Compton's home.

Marty & Richard and Susan & Bill, a too-brief visit with four friends who are also Supporting Members
Studio Visit with Karla Leaphart
Exploring the art of Tom Orr & Frances Bagley
Jim & Marylynn Bowman at the Tin Art Ranch
Robert Bruno   110 Tons of Steel   23 Years — photographs by Buck Johnston
Almost too short to be called a visit — Preview of Momento Mori - a visit with Ellen Tuchman
Art Shirer & Sherry Owens — Hanging Rocks at Connemara
Visiting the Continental Gin Building —

There are many tour stories on DallasArtsRevue, but few achieve the feeling of actually visiting artists and studios like our story, 2008 Oak Cliff Visual Speed Bump Tour.

Visiting:  Sculptor David Duncan   clay artist Angela Gallia   fiber artist Jack Brockette  The White Rock Weaving Center  from the 2004 White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour

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This index is also called "The Index."
After here — eventually links move to the Reviews Index, although it's been years since I had the time to do that.

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Norman Kary - Ecliptic

Norman Kary   Ascending   (detail)   collage   8 x 12 inches
from The Iffy Progress of Altering Style from Art Here Lately #5

The Condition of Being an Artist

The Iffy Progress of Altering Style — It's about one specific artist, but it applies to us all.
Advice for the Art-lorn
Is Your Real Self in Your Art? — an autumn essay
Autism vs. Artism — a short summer essay
Quacks, Critics & Charlatans - a short summer essay about critics (See also Profiles in Aesthetic Courage just below.)
Between Liminal & Subliminal — a summer essay that crosses weird movie reviews and what artists do with their mind, brain and heart
Profiles in Aesthetic Courage — story and illustrations by Tom Moody — a bit of humor
Dave Hickey Lecture at UTD on Sunday March 1, 2003 — " motionally Abused and Battered, Grad Students See Hope!"

Artist Obituaries are indexted in the Artists Obituary Index

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How to Look at Art is a panel discussion by that title, but there's a short poetic essay called
Didactic Exposition
about how I relate to sculpture that's much more important.
Submission Guidelines - How to send us stuff

How to Join DallasArtsRevue - the easy way
How to Join DallasArtsRevue - This way's more dense and difficult, but it includes everything you'll need to know.

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Dave Hickey  at UTD in 2003

Dave Hickey from Emotionally Abused and Battered, Grad Students See Hope at UTD in 2003

Other Stories

The 2010 Hecho en Dallas show at the Latino Culture Center
WAMU/Modern Ruin— photos of the two-and-a-half-day exhibition in a former future WAMU bank on Greenville Avenue turned into a gallery then got smashed to smithereens.
Short story about Dallas artist Valton Tyler in Short Shows 2010
PAC-WE Flash Mob/Action Art Happening and Performance Rally for Health Care Reform downtown in which 135 artists performed.
The Self-portraits show at The Bath House.
CADD's Downtown Experiment Fails after the first year.
Failure & Success in XV, The MAC's 15th Anniversary Member Show.
How to get your work reviewed on DallasArtsRevue
The 2009 Oak Cliff Speed Bump Art Tour.
The big 2009 Texas Biennial Page; the places statistics; and the Dallas artists in it
Saturday Night of Art 
Index of unDO Columns - from when the editor was supposedly being considered for art critic for the Dallas Observer

Tats, Sistahs, 50/50, Verse & Eggs was popular because it mentioned tattoos.
Emotionally abused and battered, Grad students see hope: Dave Hickey at UTD in 2003
Jim Dolan writes about Teresa Elliott's portraits of cows in The Strange Familiar
Katja Zimmerman's Bill Traylor Beyond Plagiarizing shows artists ripping Bill off.
EAT ART and Midnight Rambles were early attempts.
D-Art 2005 Member Show;
Modalities of the Visible; 2002 Gallery Night Extravaganza ; Pix2 - The Critics' Choices

Wallpaper & Other Repeating Patterns is still popular.
Artists Arting at ArtCon3
The Dallas Contemp's New Building
Showing Process, Again - We tour the 15th Annual White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour.

Sculpture Superb, the Shaped Addendum
My Art Ennui and Objectivity Indexes
Texas Sculpture Association's Silver Anniversary at the Plano ArtCentre
500X '08 Open Show & Kettle's Spring Cleaning
Unsolicited Art
Barnstorming The Contemp.
A Reluctant Review gets the editor in more trouble that it was worth.


DallasArtsRevue member shows so far   

1026 Tranquilla
The White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour
Big As Night, Too (link fixed April in 2010
Fierce - my all-time favorite DARts Show
The Fierce Blog
2008's The Winter Show
The Dallas Arts REVUE, our 30th Anniversary Member Exhibition & The Back-room Invitational were at the Bath House Cultural Center through January 30, 2010.

And once upon a time, a long time ago, we held a short series of events we called Gatherings. One of those, sans any kind of identifying captions or text, happens to have got online, even with its hit counter left over from a Texas Biennial page somewhere else. It shows that this event, held at Kevin Obregon's former gallery that's not there anymore, was fun, even if it didn't draw nearly as many people as we'd hoped.


Recent stories by other writers

James Michael Starr's story, What Memory Looks Like is about Aqsa Shakil's art
Yellow-read, Red-yellow, and Burnt Umber, Too — A Brief Encounter with the work of Fannie Brito by Jim Dolan.
Trampling Man by James Michael Starr
The Adventures of Yen-Hua Lee Story and Photographs by James Michael Starr
Interview with [former] Centraltrak director and art critic Charissa Terranova by Jim Dolan
Witness to an Apparition: Ken Shaddock's and my story about sculptor Kelly Rathbone.
D-Art, a Timeline — the fact-based herstory of D-Art from the Artists Coalition of Texas to Dallas Visual Arts Center and beyond.
Accompanying the timeline comes the opinionated parable, The Squeaky Wheel — The Noise that Just Won't Go Away by Tahlia Marmo.


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Kathy Boortz - Starry Night Peacock - Photo by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Kathy Boortz   Starry Night Peacock   (detail)

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