The Strange and Fickle Institution - Art Regarding Love and Matrimony, etc. at Gray Matters through April 12, 2003

Strange + Fickle

Also not shown in this tiny detail of a huge, bigger than life, unsigned painting: Woman with 2 Minds Weds Man with 2 Heads! and See the Conjoined con Join

On opening night we chose to attend what we understood to be The Strange and Fickle Institution at Gray Matters. Apparently, it was also the wedding reception for Vance Wingate, one of the gallery's owners. We both liked a lot of this art.


Mark Ross - The Wedding Party
life size

It was a couples show, another pairings. My favorite pairing at the show, besides Mark Ross's wedding party above, was Mrs and Mr, Rosemary Meza and Steve Cruz. But then Rosemary's work often shocks and delights.

Rosemary Meza - Phyllis & Aristotle
colored drawing with hand-sewn hair
(detail to show hairs)


Once again, I'll post pictures first, then gradually work the words in the betweens, rewriting and editing them before your very eyes — an online art story in progress.

Steve Cruz - Love & Hapiness

When it's finished, we'll leave it up a couple days, then bump the story inside and post something new here. Online life goes on.

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