Fear of Blank Spaces

Angelic Macabare - The Queen Bee, © 1998, oil pastel

The actual name of the show is one long word that starts with "Panan_", then blurrs out in the photo I took of it, so I wouldn't forget. It means Fear of Blank Spaces, something which The Booker T. Washington Arts Magnet High School's Bridge Gallery, where I found this student show while wondering around during the school's annual Taste of the Arts Festival October 27, 2000 has few of.

The lights were blazing and the room cool and dry during one of those sticky warm rainy-day Dallas evenings we've happily done without nearly all summer. Downstairs was busy and confusing with lots of people lining along the hallways to bid on donated auction items and down food aplenty in the chaotic cafeteria.

Upstairs, in the space bridging two academic areas, the long, tall, gallery was quiet and empty, except for one student who walked brisquely through, twice. The bright space was amazingly replete with drawings, paintings, glass, sculpture, constructions and other art forms in sizes from tiny linoleum cuts ( Esteban Cruz's linoleum cut, below ) to giant cut-paper constructions ( See his Three Rooms, a little higher below.)


I only wish I could tell you how to get there. I'm pretty sure it's at the top of the spiraling steel stairway in the open courtyard the building surrounds, but those -- and many other doors around the building -- were locked -- many with heavy chains and padlocks. I asked for and got several sets of contrasting instuctions, but eventually found that upper sanctum.

Nice art. Especially for high school students. But it is the Arts Magnet.


Esteben Cruz - Dining Room Landscape, © 2000, colored pencil 


Daniel Erwin - Spikey Thing, © 2000, steel



Esteban Cruz - Three Rooms, © 2000, cut paper construction



Isai Hernandez - Napoleon's Toe, © 2000, oil on canvas


Esteban Cruz - Means of Access, © 1999, linoleum



Esteben Cruz - Paint Thinner, © 2000, colored pencil



Daniel Erwin - Purple Boredom, © 2000, colored pencil


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