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The 2005 Texas Biennial

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Index of Texas Biennial coverage

Texas Bi Pages:   1 - 3D   2 - Tech   3 - Venues   4 - Stats    5 - Bad   6 - Correspondance   7 - Birth of the Bi

Richie Budd - What's Going On Behind What's Going On - mixed media

The first attempt at a real Texas Biennial in a dozen years (Nobody's ever done a second bi.) opened across central Austin in early March, 2005 with many peculiarities and odd statistics, including no jurors from Dallas or Fort Worth or Denton, 36 accepted artists selected by 15 jurors with a total of 12 votes, and a disproportionate number of Austin artists selected by a heavily Austin weighted jury from the 670 artists entering statewide from 99 Texas cities  — and plenty of amazing new work by Texas artists.

Annie Simpson -

Annie Simpson - Since There Are No More Stars - oil on canvas

DARts now has 7 pages of coverage on this important statewide show, written by J R Compton with able help from both Biennial founders, Arturo Palacios and Jon Lawrence, as well as @rt, Anna Palmer and others. Thanks, friends.

Young Min Kang - Interstate Junction - digital prints installation

  1. The Illusive Third Dimension - Our first Texas Biennial story tells a story of dimension, real and feined.
  2. High and Low Tech Art explores the extremes of techology in the art of the first Texas Biennial of this new century.
  3. Venues + Artists explores the Bi's 5 Austin spaces and the stratification of the art in each.
  4. Statistics of the 2005 Biennial has all the relevant numbers and links and comparisons.
  5. Bi Art I Didn't Want To Look At, At First reviews art I needed to take a second searing view of.
  6. How this Texas Biennial got started — historical context that explains why this Bi is the way it was, why only small, independent Austin art venues and more — the untold story.

Elaine Bradford - By The Fire
mounted deer head, yarn, buttons, faux fireplace

Rainey Knudson, founder and editor of Glass Tire summed up DARts coverage of this event in an all-cap WOW!” and wanted to (and eventually did) publish it on their site, so a considerably rewritten version of these stories is there. I'd link to it, but they edited (and rewrote it) so extensively, I cannot really recommend that version. Ours is much better.

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The 2005 Texas Biennial

Texas Bi Pages:
The Cover   1 - 3D   2 - Tech   3 - Venues   4 - Stats    5 - Bad   6 - Correspondance   7 - Birth of the Bi

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Mari Omari - Pilgrimage IV - tea bags and mosquito netting