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in Our First Year

Events List

 September 9 NEA support rally in downtown Dallas
 November 4 DMA workshops
 December 1 Clean up Good Latimer warehouse
 December 9 Opened Latimer space
 February 3 Introductions to Al Harris & Annegreth Nill
 March 3 The Politics of Difference
 March Women's Performance Festival
 April 27 Directions On The Wall exhibition
 April 27 Jerry Hunt performance
 May 16 Tim Miller at Dare
 May 18  Holly Hughes at Arcadia Theater
 2nd Saturday Lecture Series
 June 8 Alan Sondheim at Latimer
 July DARE loses Latimer space
 July 13 Artists Flea Market debacle
 Autumn 500x show
 September 12 Clement Greenberg at DMA
 October 10 Lisa Philips
 November 14 Ronald Jones
 December 12 Jonathan Lasker
 January 9 Peter Halley
 February Dave Hicks at DMA
 March 14 Thomas McEvilly
 April 11 Suzi Gablik
 May 9 Andres Serrano 
 June 13 Jim Shaw
 September 17 Donald Kuspit
 October 9 Victor Burgin
 November 13 Mark Pauline
 December 4 Alexis Smith
 January 8 Beverly Semmes
 February 12 DARE's First Open Forum
 March 5 Richard Martin
 March Open Board Meeting at The MAC
 May 7  Mary Jane Jacob

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