Only-Ever Self-Organized
Exhibition of Dallas Artists


proposed poster design by J R Compton


Conceived by DARE founder and president Greg Metz, The T-Shirt Show was to have been a fun, interactive, one-night-only event in a raw warehouse space on Commerce Street, just up from the main gate of the State Fairgrounds. David Gibson had offerred the space gratis as long as we cleaned it up after.

Board-member supporters of the show hoped to further expand the burgeoning organization's membership, institute a feeling of fun and begin the group's work toward exhibiting Dallas artists. It could have been a great way to start the new group's interaction with its community.

The opposition thought we needed a much higher tone of activities. They won, and DARE lost. Instead of a beginning of the beginning, it harbinged the beginning of the end. DARE never organized another exhibition of strictly Dallas artists on its own.


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