Informally Previewing
White Rock Tour

Story and Photographs by JR Compton

Kathy and I recently visited David Hickman's studio to return some bowls he and Linda had left at the First Annual Dallas Arts Revue Membership Meeting and Potluck Supper. Plus, it's my traditional starting point for the upcoming, 2-day White Rock Lake Artists Tour October 19 and 20, and I wondered what his art farm was looking like lately.


The couple was busy moving Octavio Medellin's last, unfinished sculpture -- all 450 pounds of it -- from under the shed, out into the sunlight where it would be much more visible.

Among other things that I learned while visiting with David, who is often referred to as Dallas' busiest sculptor, is that the giant Butterfly Boat (above, as well as atop DARts coverage of two years ago's tour) has been completely inverting itself in stiff winds, much to the sculptor's surprise.

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