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The White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour —
It's About Process - page 2

Story + Photographs by J R Compton
with helpf from Anna Palmer

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Creative Art Center   Marco Rubino   Virginia Lindsay   Mud Puppy   Angela Gallia

Robin Herndon

Night lights $25 each

I knew where Lawther went, and I knew we were going toward that circum-lake street, but I had no idea we were headed toward a long-held and oft-expressed dream to visit one of the big, new houses on The Lake. A lot of artists on the White Rock Lake tour have little or nothing to do with White Rock Lake per se, but this one did.

Robin Herndon's Studio

Herndon's Garage Studio

When we told Robin, while we were standing in her art garage watching her glass, that we'd often wished to stand inside this house on this lake, looking out and photographing, she toured us through the warm wide kitchen and front rooms, and I shot out into the misty gray lake.

Herndon's View - photograph coppyright 2006 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Herndons' View

When we left her garage studio, we had big smiles plastered on our happy faces. Oh, and the glass was nice, too.


Back Lighted



Iridescent Sushi Tray - $125 set of five


Totems at Front Door

Here's the real magic — ceramic
totems at Robin's front door


Anne Neal

Artsy Studio Sign

Artsy Studio Sign

We liked the rebar arrow. Bent metal proves an artist is serious, but the sign's "studio" was a little too artsy to be easily read. Helpful, though. We knew the arrow pointed to art.



Over and over on this tour, we saw drawings tacked to walls — not so subtle proofs of process.


More Process: tools in working studio


Unslumped Koi

Unslumped Koi
She told other visitors it wasn't finished,
yet, because it still needed to be slumped.
We thought it was beautiful.



Tools and Parts hanging from the Ceiling



Busy Studio with Anne and Anna


Alice O'Leary


Farmer's Market



Showing Process — painting in her studio


Hand-painted Color

Hand-painted Color Charts
An educational experience velcroed to the wall.


Flower Paintings in Box

Flower Paintings in Box



Special Used Car Lot Decor

Special Used Car Lot Decor attracted our
attention, and I'm sure the neighbors loved it.

We almost didn't go to T. Stone's studio, because her (and a bunch of others') name was under a big, confusing, red "Saturday-only" notice on the map brochure. It wasn't till we encountered another T.Stone fan along the tour that we found out that T. was indeed open Sunday, today, so we went, wondering how many other folks were fooled by the map muckup.

Wrapped Studio

Wrapped Studio protecting it from the rain

It was already raining when we started our tour. We were sluggish and weary from yesterday's journey but also excited for this. Crowds, T told us, came like the rain, in spurts.


T.Stone Flower in the Rain

T.Stone Flower in the Rain — $40


TS Backyard with Gladys Gostin Peacock

T.Stone's Back Yard Art Sale with the late Gladys
's running Peacock in the foreground

For use while visitors were here, T had bought cheap umbrellas at the dollar store. A nice touch Anna especially appreciated. I couldn't juggle a brella and my camera, which lens and body are sealed against smattering rain, though not dunking.

T.Stone Brush Sculpture

T.Stone Sculpture in her front yard —
what a great setting for a large,
distinctive T.Stone sculpture!


The Dairy-ette


The Dairy-ette had fine hamburgers and great root beer, giving us
good reason to ever want to go back to the Casa View wasteland.

It wasn't on the map or on the tour, just on the way. We admired the simple directness of their sign, the fact that it prominently mentioned root beer, the nothing architecture and the pleasant carry-out waitress. If they'd given us half a chance with the change, we'd have left a bigger tip.


Creative Arts Center

Bamboo Breeze at CAC

Cynthia Daniel - Bamboo Breeze - welded
metal and fused glass - 60 x 15 inches

If Bill McLean could go back to the Fort Worth Modern, surely I could go back to the Creative Arts Center. After all, I never did sign or even accept their legal huffnpuff Certified Mail (almost always worth missing) legally (less or more) banning me from their public campus after I published (in DallasArtsRevue) one of their student's comments calling them Art Nazis (Thereby proving the point.).

I was met there by smiles from some who would know, so maybe their legalistics never took effect. Anyway, I went, and saw, if not utterly amazing art, at least very good student and instructor work.

Including Cynthia Daniel's piece, which I'd used on the DARts Calendar, where I was careful to credit the artist, if not the institution, because CAC has been particularly stupid toward me. Nice piece. I knew it was either mosaic or glass, turns out both. Very nice. I would have given it best in show, hereby do.

Nuts & Bolts Lamb

Karen Jacobi - OCD mixed media sculpture - 20 x 12 x 7 inches

It was oddly comfortable roaming those halls again after spending most of a year finding colorful instances of art and learning and teaching for the CACA site during my temporary tenure as pro bono webguy, when my dear friend Barbara West was running day to day activities there. Not that I wanted to stay long or come back often.


Marco Rubino

Marco Rubino - flame sculpture

Marco Rubino - flame sculpture

I'd been to Mies (pronounced meese) and Marco's house before, when I was associated with the Texas Sculpture Association doing their website during their year of reorganization, but I was surprised when we hove into their studio space. I wasn't really paying attention to where we were, although I had especially hoped to see his work on this tour and had told "my navigator" Anna, who reads maps far better than I do. Everybody's work is unique, of course, Marco's is just more so.

Unusually, I found something to like at every stop on our accidentally selective tour. We didn't avoid anybody in particular. There's been times when there were fewer stops, that I've visited every studio — when I roamed alone and paid less attention to the people. But this time we took our sweet time, enjoying the social, digging the artists as well as the places, their art and processes.

Spiral Tools

Spiral Tools and Wire Art reminds
of other artists on this tour


Marco Rubino

Marco Rubino - Spiral Sculpture in Studio

Seeing Marco's studio through one of his multiple orbiting spiral sculptures seems ideal. It's beautiful, and I wonder how often this studio is so neat. Not many of us can think in 3-D like that, then bring it from an idea or drawing so craftfully into real three-dimensional form. So fine. I still like watching this photograph.

Mies & Marco in Studio Tent

Mies & Marco in the Studio Tent where
he can't leave small tools overnight
or they're gone by tomorrow.


James Crowe's Waves

James Crowe's Waves

I still remember looking up and vaguely recognizing, though not yet placing this massive mobile. As I stared and played back visual memories, slowly it slid into place that this was one of the late Jim Crowe's elegant pieces. Last time I'd seen it, it graced the front yard of Jim and Carol's house when they lived in Duncanvill. Here, among the trees in Mies & Marco's big East Dallas back yard, it was gorgeous — on extended borrow. Nearby was a mailbox Marco had made in Jim's signature bright primary colors, an unsubtle contrast and figurative balance.


Virginia Lindsay

Three Round Disks

Three Round Disks

We liked Virginia Lindsay's neat studio, and we wandered there awhile, watching how she makes her distinctively colorful geometrical plates. Her process was everywhere.

Green Spirals

Green Spirals


Red Spirals

and Virginia Lindsay applying her recipe for red


Betsy Doan - Mud Puppy Studios

Purple Fish

Purple Fish

Mud Puppy was probably our quickest stop. Soon as we saw that, except for the fun fishes swimming over the lawn along the driveway, all there was were — and the tiny garage was crammed with them — colorful, craftish crosses with no visual or conceptual context beyond decor and religion, we split.

No process we could find. Empty calories.


Angela Gallia

AG Danglies

Angela's Danglies in the living room.
I'd seen them there before, this time
i got them in focus.

Angela's was our last stop for the day and the tour. I'd visited her studio before, so I felt comfy there — a time to sit on the back porch, eat homemade chili, drink ice cold pop and talk with a random sampling of old and new friends. A perfect ending for our informal tour.

A slowish but still social nine stops today. At this rate, we could have finished the whole rest of the tour in only two more days.

Found While Fishing at White Rock Lake

Objects found while a friend
fished at White Rock Lake

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Copyright 2006 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.