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Photographs + Story by J R Compton
Sculptures © by David B. Hickman


The 8th Annual White Rock Lake
Artists Tour Saturday, October 7, 2000

David B. Hickman

The first art object I saw on the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour ( formerly known as the East Dallas Artists Studio Tour ) was this gracefull and beautifully dichotomous butterfly boat floating above the studio grounds of Dallas artist, sculptor David B. Hickman, who may be one of Dallas' most prolific artists.


My Gosh, he's involved in everything. When I spoke recently with Pamela Nelson, she talked about what a joy it was to work with David ( and others ) on a current City Sidewalks project.

She also spoke highly of the Legends Award she won that he designed, that was so artful she included it in her DVAC show's trophy corner.


There were at least a half dozen other projects mapped out, modeled up or floating around David's big tin barn. And scattered around his studio, almost within sight of White Rock Lake, was an almost incredible variety of three- dimensional things of beauty, involving a wild variety of materials and tools.

I especially admired a dark, zig- zag- lined dark hunk of native Dallas wood ( Bois d'Arc ) mixed improbably with glass flames David calls Fire on the Mountain ( above ) and some left- over Ruben sandwiches they had out on a table just outside the barn.

Beyond the sandwiches were a big, quarter- arc, dark curved steel piece that must be a brother to a piece of his that was in the Dallas Visual Arts Center's sculpture garden, although that one turns in the wind, and this one is fixed.


Almost as fascinating as the finished and in- progress works themselves were the similarly wide spectrum of materials scattered about the grounds.

After meeting several nice people and handing out about a half- dozen Dallas Arts Revue business cards with the URL on it, I got some recommendations for where else to go that dark, gloomy-ish and cold afternoon and, still munching my Ruben sandwich I headed off for more art.

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