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Emergency Artists' Support League   P.O. Box 7895      phone 1 888 563-2316
is the only way to contact EASL directly. They answer phone calls within three days now.

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EASL (Emergency Artist Support League)
was founded to help support the vibrant artistic scene in North Texas. The visual artists who make up that scene live within narrow financial constraints even in the best of economies. For them, a medical crisis, a fire or some other emergency can amount to financial catastrophe.

In response, artists, dealers and arts professionals in the metroplex joined together to found EASL in 1992. Its mission is to provide limited, emergency financial assistance to North Texas visual artists and visual arts professionals who are in need because of a medical crisis, accident or loss of personal or professional property.

As of 2012, the maximum annual grant available is $4,000. The EASL fund is restricted to visual artists and professionals who have lived in a ten-county area of North Texas for a minimum of two years, and who have a record of exhibitions and/or significant involvement in the arts community.

EASL raises funds from individual donations and from such events as its legendary annual auction, as well as the sale of coloring books and T-shirts designed by prominent Texas artist.

As visible as EASL is when it is raising money, it is deliberately discreet regarding disbursement of funds. Abiding by a strict policy of confidentiality, the group does not reveal names of applicants or recipients.

EASL is a designated fund of the Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. and is operated by a volunteer steering committee, so that maximum funds can be distributed to artists in need.


Please join with EASL to support our distinguished Arts Community.

If you are sending a check, please mail it to

P.O. Box 7895
Dallas, Texas 75209

Make checks out to "Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. EASL Fund."

All contributions are tax deductible.

1 888 563-2316



If you want a grant application


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