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Eat Art 14 - January 2004

Jurrying Outside the Lines at the Bath House

Eat Art 13 – October 2003

Public Art Tunnel

Eat Art 12 – September 2003

Scott Barber at Barry Whistler by Kathy Dello Stritto

Eat Art 11 – September 2003

The AiM Show Preview — Installing and delivering work to the annual Art in the Metroplex competition at TCU

Eat Art 10 - August 2003

JR's Camera Conundra — My digital camera broke and left me stranded awhile. During the down time I looked forward to the next model, wondered whether I'd get it or the tried and true one that's been out a year or so.

Eat Art 9 - July 2003

The Kathy & JR Art Tour — for those who wanted to go to gallery openings but were a tad trepidatious till this tour. Now we see them at openings often.

Eat Art 8 - July 2003

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged — an exploration of the dilemmas of having friends of artists judge art they've entered.

Eat Art 7 - July 2003

Should We Donate Art? — pros an cons of an altogether too common use/abuse of artists.

Eat Art 6.5

Tomb Raiding at the Kimbell

Eat Art 6 - June 2003

Renoir at Dallas — Our report of Renoir and Algeria at the Dallas Museum of Art and, especially, the press opening for it, and...

Pinhead Renoir — our lauding mention of Christine Biederman's fine send up of the DMA show in The Dallas Observer.

Starting Places — a local architectural models show at The MAC

The DCCA Membership Show — a beautiful show featuring work by some or all of the members of the latest incarnation of D-Art...

Eat Art 5— June 2003

Bad Aim — JR's trouble entering a simple art competition, illustrated with the previously unseen Prairie Schooner series of tanks and towers

An acquaintance accuses us of Bad Journalism for an opinion about art. We link the story and hope you'll make up your own mind.

Eat Art 4 — May-June 2003

JR's Art Ennui

Old roomie Andy Hanson's show at Photographic Resource

Wood at Valley House gallery and flowers and sculptures at their Sculpture Garden

A colorful visit to Kittrell Riffkind gallery

Eat Art 3 — January 2003

Art House on Routh — David McCullough, Michael Tichansky, lawerence Staffford, Jeff A Green, Byron Lacy and Daniel sellers

Craighead Green — Dori & Joseph DeCamillis, Marla Zigler, Bill Kysor, Valton Tyler, Ellen Frances Tuchman

The MADI Museum façade

DARts Show Proposals: Membership show and JR's New White Rock Lake Journal

Eat Art 2— November 2001

Continental Gin Building opening November 10, 2001 — Margaret Ratelle, James Watral, Sherry Owens, Manuel Mauricio, Zoe Steadham, Julia Ousley, Artyce colen, Caroline Waite, Rusty Scrubby, Bert Scherbarth, James Michael Starr, Clay Austin

Santiago Pena, Mirror Image at The Boyd Gallery, Brandon Murphy, Anita Horton, Robet Bellamy

Eat Art 1 — November 2001:

Naming EAT ART. Terrell James, Harry Geffert, John Alexander & James Surls at Pillsbury Peters

New Texas Talent at Craighead Green — with Marjorie Norman, Paul Rogers Harris, Michael Garcia, Veronica De Anda

Beyond The Lines at the Bath House — Sherry K Martin, CJ Davis, Shaye Watson, Donna Walker, Elizabeth Baier-Mahy, rita Barnard, Michael Juan Van Enter, Meloee Martin Ramirez, Pam McKnight, John Wathne and Elizabeth Zaremba

Eat Art 0 — Notes on the creation of a Winter Solstice Tree Decoration

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