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Georgia Stafford - Control Addict, 1982
oil on canvas - 30 x 24 inches

When Georgia Stafford had her solo show at Cafe 500, after being rejected once again by her fellow members at 500X Gallery, just down the street, she hung this vibrant painting in the cafe's bathroom, she said, "to scare the coke-freaks."

Georgia inscribed the back, "Control Addict 1982 for J R my good friend, always when I need him," then signed it. She usually called me — and several other friends — when she was seriously contemplating suicide. But on her final, successful attempt, her phone was out of order, and none of us could rush to her rescue.

Some of the other Georgia Stafford work in my collection are My Little Boat Babies Lost at Sea, Grab, a Self-Portrait vase, and a print, Portrait of Brooke Leonard.

There are two stories on DallasArtsRevue about Georgia.
I wrote About Her Death to poet and friend Gerald Burns
and Stuck in a World Not Her Own about her life.

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