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Gregory Horndeski
KKK Grand Dragon and His Ghoulish Night-Crawling Minions, 1988
25 x 31 inches

When my friend Margie Handy and I produced The Dragon Show, a national, competitive exhibition at the downtown Dallas public library gallery, in the Year of the Dragon before last, I asked my friend Gregory Horndeski to paint a "KKK grand dragon" for the show, which I knew would have a lot of artsy-craftsy versions of my favorite mythical beast.

He obliged me with this spectacular, KKK Grand Dragon and His Ghoulish Night-Crawling Minions, 1988, which scared the library silly. They refused to hang it, citing its possibly inflamatory racism — entirely forgetting that they had books on their shelves that show lynching in much greater detail. This painting is the only piece in my collection that was ever written up in Art Forum magazine, and it's one of my great prizes.

It was not cheap, either, but I paid for this gruesome treasure over about a year and a half. Like most of Greg's works, the edges of cosmic, starry sky are visible in the back edges of this painting. He says it reminds us of our comparatively small and unimportant place in the universe.

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