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Trish Nickell - Lakeside 4
oil on canvas - 16 x 20 inches each of four

I bought Trish Nickell's quartet of interrelated paintings, Lakeside 4, at 500X Gallery back in 1986, where I saw and fell in love with it. I kept coming back to check it out and finally just bought it. For a long time, it was in my living room over my couch. Now it occupies a strategic position in my Nature Spirit Room.

It helps that the scenery is a back yard in Las Colinas, which used to be the extended campus of my alma mater, the University of Dallas ( in Irving ). when I was there, we used to forray out into the Mesquite woods often, tramping for miles and miles, just exploring the territory. The colors in this work may not be true, but they are certainly real. I still feel at home when I view this window scene, and I love imagining I'm looking out into the slow rolling hills of eastern Irving.

Each quandrant is 16 x 20 inches.

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