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J R's Art Collection

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This grouping is in my living room's Friendship Bagua. It includes a mechanical Clock that doesn't tell time, it just marks its passage, by John Snygg, whose work has always fascinated me with their mechanical complexity and aesthetic simplicity. The clock is 44 x 20 inches, and its electric motor gave out sometime in 2006.

At the top left, is a shaped, downtown skyscraper-scape, canvas by Pamela Nelson that I bought when she needed money to help move.

Below that is the Dinosaur birthday card by Karen Erxleben Weiner that is detailed on that other page.

Below that is a black glazed ceramic chevron by Mary Iron Eyes. And under that is one of the anti-war arm bands I wore when i was an official Peace-Keeper at the 1984 anti Republican Convention protests. the light, wood object with colored bits is a Tree of Life gifted to me at a recent birthday by artist, dear friend and urban archaeologist Alex Troup.


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