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J R's Art Collection

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Fannie Brito - untitled painting

Fannie Brito - untitled painting
oil on canvas - 10 x 7.75 inches

These pages are about the art in my personal collection.

The art I live with and see every day. These wildly varied and very individual art pieces in all formats and sizes and complexities form the visual background of my life. Each piece or set of pieces is explicated on a single page. Some stories are long, some short. Some serious, some flip.

This is the art I know best in all the world. I often know who did it and why, what they tried to accomplish with it. Over my years living with these pieces I have come to understand what I see in them and what I have grown to understand it's all about. I've been looking at some of this stuff for decades. I know and tell the history and geography and sociology and archeology of these pieces. All the ologies and a lot of the aesthetics, too.

It's usually one piece of art or set per page. The pages of J R's Collection are inter-linked by artist, and the index below lists all the pages. Enjoy, and tell me what you think.

Just use the next and last links at the top of this and every other page in this section or the Collection Indexes below to explore my art collection. This is the Collection Index page.

Thank you for visiting my collection.


Scary + Benign Art

Note: Because some art may frighten or put some people off, I've provided occasional, scary art links that jump over some of the more controversial art in my collection, so as to not offend more tender minded visitors. :)


Indexes on this page

List of Artists and Work (just below)

Index of Pages - incomplete after the latest additions in very late 2006

Subjects, Styles, Themes and Contents

There's a brief commentary on the process of compiling this online collection on the last page of this exposition.

Artwork is presented in no particular order.

Any — positive or negative — feedback will be appreciated

index of Indexes

Artists + Their Work

This listing and the next one are the only complete link lists on this page. I will, however, fold the newer
pages into the other indexes in the coming ... uh ... years (The day after tomorrow is already next year.)

John Abrams Jet painted cutout relief

P.D. Breeding Floating Wizard print

Kathy Boortz Whitaker, The Cockatoo found object sculpture

Gerald Burns Kazoo painting of me preparing my then twice-a-week KNON-FM radio program, The Dallas Arts Kazoo, on my second computer in the early 1980s and his drawing of a dragon caught in a trap.

See also the Index of Gerald Burns Stories, Art & Poetry for a complete link list of Gerald Burns art on this site.

Jim Bowman blown glass vase

Fannie Brito - small yellow painting

Dwayne Carter Bad Habits and Self-Portrait paintings and mirror painting and untitled digital image

Roy Cirigliana Petroglyph bird framed photo

Mary Compton Copper Tiger relief

Richard Crowe Grandmother's Porch painting,  Self-Portrait painting,  Double Portrait painting,  Picasso Horse drawing

Richard Crowe and William "Gabby" Gaberino NOTES Lives! painting

Otis Dozier Hand colored Xerox drawing of Turkey

Nancy Ferro hand construction

Jim Franklin Under Aries painting in printed calendar

William "Gabby" Gaberino Self-Portrait painting

Robert Goodson + Mike Orehec tit found and painted object

Roxy Gordon Artmagic #23 poster

Michael Helsem Blasphemies of the Dwarf Jester painting

Gregory Horndeski KKK Grand Dragon and His Ghoulish Nightcrawling Minions painting

A.M. Hudson reassembled drawer construction

Ann Huey He Was Quiet and Kept to Himself painting

Anonymous Secret Valentine photo

Mary Iron Eyes chevron portrait of J R and  clay offering bowl

Norman Kary Book of collages and constructions

Lisa Lacey window view painting 

David Lambert Moonboy Day Last October painting

Toulouse-Lautrec printed postcard of "A Montrouge" - Rosa La Rouge

TJ Mabrey symbols

Brad Metcalf crank-driven Thing

Greg Metz U.S. Peace Initiative jet plane sculpture,  Who's Polluting poster

Amanda Milsom Globe

Gary Monroe wall construction

Tom Moody The Twins painting

Pamela Nelson painted platepatterned bird cutout, cityscapeKazoo Radiobooty from estate sale

Trish Nickell Lakeside 4 quadrant painting, 

Glenna Parks Greenberg Wedding Quilt construction with thread and paint

Margaret Rattelle untitled $10 collage

Richard Ray Near the Fairgrounds and two portraits of J R — J R Sad and J R Happy

Elizabeth Reeves sewn Heart construction

Tre Roberts spider/skeleton

Art Shirer and Sherry Owens Rocks for Hanging

Joan Snider pinched and winged top pot

Georgia Stafford My Little Boat Babies Lost at Sea painting,  Control Addict painting,  Grab painting,  Self-Portrait vase,  Portrait of Brooke Leonard print, Portrait of JR drawing

Alison Starr incised ceramic bowl

Arleigh Stark Killing Drug drawing

Bruce Stiglich bird construction

Francis X. Tolbert, Jr. Label for Christmas Chili Packet

Mark Alexander Troup The Love Box ; Shake It! construction

Karen Erxleben Weiner Dinosaur card

Willard "The Texas Kid" Watson Rooster weather vane and beaded hatband

Candis Wheat Glow In the Dark Gay Pieta sculpture

index of Indices

Index of Pages

This index is not up to date.

My Living Room Window Amanda Milsom - Globe
Gradma Crow's Back Porch Georgia Stafford - Grab
Moonboy Day Last October Georgia Stafford - Self-Portrait vase
My mother's copper tiger Radio, Doorbel Tit & Spider Skeleton
William Gaberino - Portrait Clock Corner group
Richard Crow - Portrait Bruce Stiglich - Bird
Pamela Nelson - Bird Richard Crow - Double Portrait
Georgia Stafford - My Little Boatbabies Norman Kary - Book
Andy Hudson - Drawer Construction Michael Helsem - Humunculus
Georgia Stafford - Control Addict Brad Metcalf - Thing
Lisa Lacey - Window View Candis Wheat - Pieta
PD Breeding - Floating Wizard Richard Crow's Picasso Horse
Metz + Metz - U.S. Peace Initiative Elizabeth Reaves - Heart
Gregory Horndeski - KKK Grand Dragon Alex Troup - The Love Box ; Shake It!
Dwayne Carter - Bad Habits Georgia Stafford - Portrait of Brooke
Roy Cirigliana - Petrogliph Glenna Parks - Greenberg Wedding Quilt
Jim Franklin - Under Aires Gary Monroe - untitled construction
Tom Moody - The Twins Mary Iron Eyes - clay bowl
The Texas Kid - Weather Vane Jim Bowman - blown glass vase
Nancy Ferro - Hand Anonymous - Solid Body Air Guitar
Arleigh Stark - Killing Drug Pamela Nelson Estate Sale Booty
Secret Valentine Roxy Gordon - Artmagic #23
Gerald Burns - Kazoo Toulouse-Latrec - Rosa La Rouge
Karen Erxleben Weiner - card Georgia Stafford - Portrait of J R
Dwayne Carter - untitled mirror painting  
Trish Nickell - Lakeside 4

T.J. Mabrey - symbols  
John Abram - Jet  
Greg Metz - Who's Polluting  
Bumble Bee quilt design

  more to come . . .

Page # - artist - work of art
This list is complete and up to date.
01 Pamela Nelson - Painted Plate
02 Richard Crow - My Grandmother's Porch
03 David Lambert - Moonboy Day Last October

04 Mary E Compton - Copper Tiger
05 William "Gabby" Gaberino - Self-Portrait
06 Richard Crowe - Self-Portrait at 17
07 Pamela Nelson - Patterned Bird
08 Georgia Stafford - My Little Boat Babies Lost at Sea
09 A.M. Hudson - reassembled Ray Nasher drawer
10 Georgia Stafford - Control Addict
11 Lisa Lacey - Window View
12 PD Breeding - Floating Wizard
13 Greg Metz - U.S. Peace Initiative
14 Gregory Horndesky - KKK Grand Dragon and His Ghoulish Nightcrawling Minions painting
15 Dwayne Carter - Bad Habbits and Self-Portrait
16 Roy Cirigliana - Petroglyph Thunderbird
17 Jim Franklin - Under Aries
18 Tom Moody - The Twins (a.k.a. Vagina With Teeth)
19 Willard "The Texas Kid" Watson - Rooster - painted weathervane
20 Nancy Ferro - Hand
21 Arleigh Stark - Killing Drug
22 Secret Valentine photo
23 Gerald Burns - Kazoo
24 Karen Erxleben Weiner - Dinosaur
25 Dwayne Carter - Mirroring Beauty
26 Trish Nickell - Lakeside 4
27 TJ Mabrey - symbols
28 John Abrams
29 Greg Metz - Who's Really Polluting
30 Traditional Bumble Be quilt pattern segment
31 Amanda Milsom - Globe
32 Georgia Stafford - The Grab
33 Georgia Stafford - Self-Portrait ceramic vase
34 Robert Goodson & Mike Orehec - Tit ; Pamela Nelson - Kazoo Radio ; Tre Roberts -
35 Mary Iron Eyes - Chevron; Pamela Nelson - Cityscape; John Snygg - Clock
36 Bruce Stiglich - Bird construction
37 Richard Crow - Double Portrait with Mary Ann
38 Norman Kary - Book of Collages & Constructions
39 Michael Helsem - Blasphemies of the Dwarf Jester
40 Brad Metcalf - Thing
41 Candis Wheat - Glow In the Dark Gay Pieta
42 Richard Crow - Picasso Horse
43 Elizabeth Reaves - Sewn Heart
44 Mark Alexander Troup - The Love Box; Shake It
45 Georgia Stafford - Portrait of Brooke Leonard
46 Glenna Parks - Greenberg Wedding Quilt
47 Gary Monroe - Wall Construction
48 Mary Iron Eyes - Clay Offering Bowl
49 Jim Bowman - glass bowl
50 Fender - Solid Body Air Guitar
51 Otis Dozier - hand-colored Xerox of Turkey; Francis X Tolbert, Jr - Label for Christmas Chili Packet
52 Roxy Gordon - ArtMagic #23 flyer
53 Toulouse-Lautrec - "A Montrouge" Rosa La rouge printed postcard
54 Georgia Stafford - Portrait of JR drawing
55 Explanation of JR's Collection
56 Pamela Nelson - Living Well hand-shaped collage
57 Richard Ray - Near The Fairgrounds painting
58 Dennis Harper & Jay Gaulding - "The Last Edition" of The Continuing Story of God
59 Gerald Burns - dragon drawing
60 Kathy Boortz - Whitaker, The Cockatoo
61 Alison Starr - red incised bowl
62 William Gaberino and Richard Crowe - NOTES Lives!
63 Joan Snider - pinched top pot with wings
64 Margaret Rattelle - untitled painted collage
65 Art Shirer and Sherry Owens - hung rock
66 Dwayne Carter - untitled digital image
67 Richard Ray - Sad J R and Happy J R
68 Fannie Brito - untitled painting
69 Ann Huey - He Was Quiet and Kept to Himself


index of Indexes


Psychologic Factors, Subjects, Styles, Themes & Contents

Utterly Benign

Sometimes, art scares some people.
These won't frighten anyone:

My WindowGradma Crow's Back PorchMy mother's copper tigerPamela Nelson's BirdAndy Hudson's Drawer sculptureLisa Lacey's WindowRoy Cirigliana's PetrogliphThe Texas Kid's Weather VaneGerald Burns's painting of meKaren Erxleben Weiner's Dinosaur cardDwayne Carter 's mirror paintingTrish Nickell's Lakeside 4John Abram's Jettraditional Bumble Bee quilt designAmanda Milsom's GlobeClock Corner group by various artistsBruce Stiglich's floating BirdBrad Metcalf's wind-up ThingRichard Crow's Picasso HorseElizabeth Reaves's Heart valentineGlenna Parks's Greenberg Wedding QuiltGary Monroe - untitled construction,  Jim Bowman's blown glass vaseAnonymous - Solid Body Air GuitarToulouse-Latrec's Rosa La Rouge

Scary Art

Sometimes, art scares some people. These works are truly scary to some people:

Georgia Stafford's Control Addict
Metz + Metz' U.S. Peace Initiative
Gregory Horndeski's KKK Grand Dragon and His Ghoulish Night-crawling Minions

Georgia Stafford's nude Self-Portrait vase

Candis Wheat's Gay, Glow-in-the-dark Pieta

and especially,
Tom Moody's The Twins






Lakeside 4



artist at work



Bad Habits by Dwayne Carter



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Under Aires, The Twins



devilkidsman + womannudetitwizardwomanwoman + man



symbols dinosaur card



Bumble Bee Quilt Square, Greenberg Wedding Quilt



KKK Grand Dragon, Who's Really Polluting, U.S. Peace Initiative, Conrol Addict, Boat Babies


Nature Subjects

bamboo,  beebird1bird2bird3bird4cactuscamelcloudscrabdevildevil silhouettedinosaurdog and catdragoneaglefeathersflameshorseoceanpalm treespillowplantsroostersnake( magic ) snake,  spiderstained glassstarstarstarstiger,  tigrecattreestreestreestreesturkeywindowworms



artist at workgathering of artistsKazoolittle girl with dollneighborhoodromancetwo gay mentoy


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