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Blue by T. Scott Stromberg

poems by Patricia Golden

poems by Ken Shaddock

Chilliwack River Hunt by Neal Ostman

poems by Michael Helsem

The Queers by Jim Dolan


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1 E-mail a simple query first — get permission, so I'll know your submission is coming, and I won't kill it as it downloads, like I do anything else big I'm not expecting.

Send submissions in any literary form to me (J R Compton — The Editor/Publisher of this site) via an E-mail.

Attach only very long stories. Include everything else in the text of an E-mail.

Maybe I should — and maybe I will later, but for right now, I don't care whether work submitted here has been published before. I'm looking for good wordsmithing, not virgin literature.


All forms of writing are eligible.

4 If your story is really long, save your word processing files as Text-Only (.TXT), since I do not have or use any version of Microsnot Word more recent than 1992's version 5.1.

Tell me the city and state where you live and the URL of any web site your work is on. I am building a page of Dallas and Texas Poets with Web Pages, similar to Dallas and Texas Artists with Web Pages.

All Texas poets are eligible for the Writers With Web Pages page, even if their work does not appear in this lit revue.


I will usually respond with a quick yea or nay. Remember, I am the editor, and I may need to edit.


All works published will be copyrighted to their creators, with one- or first-time publication rights to and permission to publish work in future collections, either online, in or on some other medium.

These rules and procedures will change as DARts learns more about what we're doing here.




That's easy. None. Maybe someday. I don't get paid for doing it, either. But it's the most publishing fun I've had since I started DARts.


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