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This section includes pages that fall outside the usual purview of DallasArtsRevue. They are sometimes family events, Christmas, the odd family wedding, whatever the Editor has photographed lately and still likes the pictures of. Or stuff I need to think about. I used to make little chapbooks for data I needed to process. Now I make web pages. It's how I think things through. These pages come and go.

Many of the pages that used to be linked below have moved to J R's personal site where they probably should have been all along. Except JRCompton.com is new. When possible, the new addresses are linked below:


JR's New White Rock Lake Journal

an often updated photographic journal of what JR finds and photographs on his irregular walks about his favorite lake.

J R's Collection


in which J R reviews movies and DVDs of movies when he's not writing about art: Most Recently Seen and Movies that begin with: A  B  C-D  E-F  G-I  J-L  M  N-R  S  T-U  V-Z


Literature - Index of Literary Work on DallasArtsRevue,
and Loop 12, The DallasArtsRevue Literary Review


I Want - When someone wants something, and I don't know where else to put it, it goes here.

Lost Artists

Art Dogs

War Storms - a photo of a Martin Delabano sculpture from his show at Conduit and a poem by Tracy Hicks about the coming war in Iraq that was coming then, and is probably still going on . . .

Yo Is 4! Our special April Fool's Day story celebrating my cat Yo's birthday. Too cute for comfort.





Mr Habitat at Carol and Gloria's


Carol Wilder stories

Planting a Silent Oak Tree for Joe Stanco and the party after

Mary Iron Eyes' Dallas Wake - at Linnea's house July 13, 2003

James Crowe's Wake


Rock & Roll

Ready Or NotKaren X's review of the 2004 Coachella Music Festival


J R's Travels

and other mostly personal stories have moved to J R’s new name domain website at www.JRCompton.com. These are the new addresses:

Down South to New Orleans - a photo journey to the Big Easy and back. 51 colorful images in one, slow-load web page.

Of Whirligigs + Other People's Magic - an oddly ecclectic little experiment of an essay where the the pictures don't exactly meet the expectations of the words immediately, but do eventually

Angels On Fire - a photographic trip journal of a trip in the summer of 2002 in Angel Fire, New Mexico and trip up into central Colorado.

Clouds - taken with J R's old, comparatively low resolution digital camera, these are still some amazing clouds.



All these have moved to www.JRCompton.com, but these are the new addresses:

JR's Meta Pages index

Metaphysical Information in mostly non-art related essays on the topics of metaphysical knowledge and psychology

Color Magic


The Amalgamated Trust - A guide to sharing Fear Statements in Relationships

JR Compton's Cosmic Coping Kit - Physical, Psychological and Elemental Understandings gathered in a lifetime

Meditation of the Five Elements - A breath meditation using visualizations of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Aether — The Five Elements of Ancient Knowledge

Of Whirligigs + Other People's Magic - A swirling story, illustrated with whirligigs and other people's magic



In which J R takes a bunch of photographs of the people at SolstiCelebrations, which were produced by Amy "Moonlady" Martin and her friends, sometimes near White Rock Lake, and publishes them in one big, long web page.

Summer Solstice 2005

The Solstice Index

Winter 2004 and Winter Rehearsal

Summer 2004

Winter 2002

Summer 2001



An Evening with J R Compton — a roundup of the event held upstairs at Paperbacks Plus bookstore in Lakewood on March 28, 2004.

J R's 60th Birthday Party

The Best of J R Compton's poetry

JR's Digital Camera History - the cameras I use and used

JR's PoemaGraphics - combine poetry and photographs

JR's Windows - belie a fascination with looking through sand to see glorious stuff

J R's Résumé, Logos Designed, Exhibitions Produced, List of Exhibitions


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