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Online eXhibitions

Darts now has two online exhibitions. The Self-Portrait Show indexed below — and J R's Collection, which shows the artworks in DARts' Editor + Webguy's personal art collection of mostly Dallas artists.

The Rules are below.

The DARts Self Portrait Show index

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Ken Shaddock

Sandy Matthews

Jim Bowman

James Michael Starr

Stuart Kraft

Joe Stokes

Martin Delabano

Cassandra Fink

Paul Rogers Harris

Cheri Irwin
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 Page 6

A.M. Hudson

Amy Graves

Marty Ray

Michael Helsem

 Lucinda Luvaas

 Norman Kary

J R Compton

 Richard Ray

Sherry Owens

Michael Mentler

 Russell Manning

Melissa Laitsch
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Sonia Semone
Laura + Scott Lignon
Cynthia Wolfe
Deran Wright
Lilia Estrada
Karen Jacobi    


The rules

Only one entry per reader will be accepted.

Only GIF or JPEG (preferably) still images will be accepted. All images will be presented in 72 dots per inch resolution. Words (for poets or writers) must be included in the text of an E-mail. Please do not send word processing document attachments.

Self-Portrait image attachments should be at least 200 k, but not more than 500 k. I will compress and sharpen your image, so it loads fast and looks good. Just give me plenty to work with.

If your image is a JPEG, be sure to name it "Your-Name-SP.jpg" (insert your first and last name here) so my software will know what to do with it. (That's dot jpg). (No space-bar spaces in JPG names.

Do not send any attachment(s) to DARts without prior E-mail permission.

Any art form or potential art form may be used to originate the image. If JR can open your document, he will probably reduce its size, so that no dimension exceeds about 5 inches. And he will significantly compress it, so it loads fast.

E-mail the editor with "Self-Portrait" as the subject to ask about other file formats or any questions. The editor runs a hot (literally), Mac G4 Cube and cannot cope with anything Windoze-specific.

But I'd be happy to digitally photograph or scan your work, at my convenience, if you E-mail me, and we set up an appointment. If, of course, you live in the Dallas Fort Worth MetroMess.

Works for this online exhibition are selected by DARts editor J.R Compton, who reserves the right to delete, compress, reduce or anything else necessary to make your submitted self portraits look good and load quickly.

Not all entries will be accepted. Receipt of each entry will be promptly acknowledged via E-mail. Acceptace of will be noted with expected time of upload. Declination will also be prompt and direct, although so far, no entry has been declined, although some are certainly eligible. It sometimes takes awhile (up to several months or more) for JR to get around to adding images to this page.

With a site this large, something has to be left for the back burner. This is one of those.

Each accepted entry to this show will be copyrighted to its creator, who shall retain all rights except those rights specifically reserved by J R Compton ( doing business as Dallas Arts Revue ).

Dallas Arts Revue reserves the right to publish any entry to this exhibition here on this site and on any eventual DARts Archive CD-ROMs, DVDs or other electronic, digital or hard-copy archival medium, for eventual sale or distribution.

Please include your name, city, area-code, E-mail address and phone number, the materials and techniques used, the completion date ( copyright year ) and the original size of the work, so I can adequately identify it. If you would like to include your website address in the identifying caption, please tell me.

Oh, and don't forget to tell me the title. I don't mind linking your E-mail address or website.

The editor retains all rights to change, append, addend, adjust, alter or entirely replace these rules.

There is no deadline, and there are no entry fees. The show will continue to accept new entries. Later, it will be archived on this site.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your work and your selves.

J R Compton
Editor / Webguy


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