Thanks to...

This is all Gerald Burn's idea. He suggested the book, the title and the contents. That was in 1991. Along the way, he proofread, counseled, cajoled, then all but gave up on me. The whole book got wiped out in a major hard disk crash, and I was slow in resurrecting it.

Also thanks to some other people who have maintained faith in me and my writing. T.J. Mabrey is always after me to write more about art. She's helped a lot over the years. So has my friend, Dwayne Carter, who's always ready with helpful bits of criticism. My friend, Margarete Handy, has also kept my spirit up when I have several times given up on all of this.

More thanks to long-time Dallas Arts Revue proofreader/counselors Patricia Lodewick, Marian Henley, Robin Milsom and Tre Roberts, and to more-recent friends Karen Erxleben Weiner and Sherry Owens for good advice and ideas along the way. ( Special thanks to Ms. Roberts for co-writing the Bert Long piece ).

Not least, thanks to my parents John T. and Mary Clare Compton for assuring me that I could be anything I wanted to be — if I'd just try. And for accepting and supporting who I turned out to be.

Thanks, all.

JR Compton


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