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Small Sculpture in Texas
Collected Sculpture Stories and Photographs
by J R Compton 1965-1994

This beautiful, yet practical handrail by Jim Cinquemani lead to the offices of James Prett Architects at 101 Trunk in Deep Elm. Where is it now?


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 My First Sculpture Story


 Ian Krell, Junk Sculptor

 1970, Dallas Notes



 Not Just Another Sunset

 Dallas Arts Revue #1

 Bigger Toys

 Frances Bagley

  Sky Art

 Lawrence Kastner

 Big Lights in Fort Worth Skies

 Forest Myers

  Human-Scale Monuments

 Linnea Glatt

 America Knows How to Treat...

 Stanley Marsh

 A Change in Direction

 Tom Piccolo

 Death of the Machine

 © Keneth Havis

 The Dot Which Makes the Dragon Fly

 Brad Goldberg

 Surls' Flower Planted


 The Bathhouse Bunch

 & Other Stories

 Didear Paints A Wall

 at 500X Gallery

 The Last Pegasus Story


 A Modern History of Art in Dallas

Alex Troup

 A Place to Gather

 Linnea Glatt

 Mixed Media

 Marilyn Lanfear

 Clay Confrontation

 Claudia Reece

 Metz As Smell


 Suede Synesthesea

 Andrea Rosenberg


 of the past

 Odd Machinations

 John Snygg

 Stone and Steel Garden

 DMA Sculpture Garden

 The Con in Connemara


 Early Morning Stone

 Sandy Stein

 Marvelous Malevolence

 Manuel Mauricio

 Our New Museum


 Tinkertoys to Boomerangs

 Five makers of things

 Bus Stop

 Greg Metz + Julie Bennett

 First Kinetic Sculpture Parade



 Gregory Hornbeck

 Chase A Jinx

 Ripping off The Texas Kid

 Still Life

 Lying in state

 A Glowing Review

 sculpture by Julie Bennet

 Selected Short Subjects


 Dollar Days at ArtWalk


 Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy

 Douglas MacWithey

 Toxic Shock's Fractions

 5 women collaborating

 Introductions '86


 The Aesthetics of Trash

 Ken Luce

 The Mask Show

 a community show

 500X As Phoenix

 It keeps rising again...

 The Houston Trip


 The Last Kinetic Sculpture Parade

 missing the pictures

 A Passion for Fabric

 Sue Benner

 Both A Little of Each

 Pamela Griffin

 From J R's Journal

 art ramblings

 Between Art and Anti-Art

 Bert Long

 Urban Waterfalls


 Illusive Indentation

 this needs the picture...

 What If

 they forgot to invite anybody

 The Angels of Solondz

 3-D photos

 Wolfe City vs. Connemara

 two sculpture parks


 my own chair

 Creating A Separateness

 The Vessel Shows

 a popular name

 Kamikazee Shopping

 at the Bozo Ball

 Real / Not Real

 A. M. Hudson

 Into Motion

 Brad Moore


 Linnea Glatt


Rowena Elkin

All contents of Small Sculpture in Texas © 1991, 1993 and 2000 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Written Permission.


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