Small Sculpture in Texas

Not Just Another Sunset

When Norv Hermanovski first showed me his design for the wall of the sub shop near Old City Hall, he promised that it wouldn't be just another lovely sunset. Fascinated by geometric shapes, he planned to super-impose rows of them over the cloudy texture. As the design grew in his mind, the shapes became tree-like forms which would actually protrude out from the wall over the adjacent parking lot.

After hundreds of hours of careful painting while suspended on his make-shift chair/scaffold the sunset had improved dramatically from his original sketches. So much so that the sub shop folks reportedly became opposed to adding the untraditional abstract forms Norv had hoped would crown his masterpiece.

Frustrated and angered at not being able to complete his planned design, the beleaguered artist permanently mounted his chair to the unfinished wall and split town.

Dallas Arts Revue #1
June 1979


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