Small Sculpture in Texas

Human-Scale Monuments

Linnea Glatt's human-scale monuments toy with perceptions of space and texture in almost oversimplified visual questions. Craftfully executed forms of sand, rocks and wood, hydrocal and hydrostone create optically illusory contradictions of mass and perspective.

Mold for Hydrocal Series( above ) deliberately confuses art and its process.

Sand Impression with Rocks, 1979 denies its dished concavity with a constant perception of a flat field of rocks.


21 x 58 x 82-inches

From its Short Round Corners to its rock and wood superstructure, Form for Rock Wall 1979 ( above ) plays with ambiguities of depth and materials.

34 x 104 x 104-inches

Mound #4 is a deceptively simple interplay of solid-looking mound encircled by a delicate and easily disturbed spread of sand and small rocks. Her name is pronounced Linn nay Glott. And her work has been seen at DMFA's 12, Fire, Richland, and (we thank) DW gallery.

Texas Arts Revue #1
(whole number 3)
April 1980


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