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Small Sculpture in Texas

The Bathhouse Bunch
and Other Stories

The Bathhouse at White Rock Lake, though still a wonderful and unusual site for art, is not very safe, as Dallas sculptor Frances Bagley discovered. Her Lake Piece, which she patiently knitted together (wearing K-Mart special waders) on the surface of what years ago was the swimming pool, was plowed through by a motor boat shortly after the CETA festival.

I also especially liked Georgia Stafford's anti El Salvador War painting and George Goodenow's superb dimmed neon room. There's some talk about the City funding George "Mr. Neon" to do a nice, colorful permanent sign for the outside. Meanwhile George is planning a big neon show at his giant studio.

We'd like to call it Dimmit Dammit since dimmed neon is his big commercial and artistic thing. Meanwhile, George is a little disconcerted at the folks who seem to think he's doing a take-off on fellow light artist David Didear ( DD ).

GG's been doing largely unheralded work with light and color for may years. The two have worked together-especially on DD's exquisite shape piece, which opened in the penthouse atop the chic Warrington Condominium overlooking swank Turtle Creek.

After a not altogether successful grand opening (the big W folks didn't sell out the first night, though there was certainly a gob of money in attendance), the Warrington folks threw another bash just for DD's artsy friends who weren't invited to the first opening.

The view east out over Turtle Creek to the far horizon from the $1.2 million penthouse condo is wonderful. Didear (pronounced Deejur) has completed a light bridge permanently installed between the two tower on top of River City's new/old beer brewery cum art museum, the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Lambert's Landcscapery is sponsoring young sculptor/saleswoman Sandy Stein's latest public art piece, a 10' tall Birdhouse. We're not all that excited by Sandy's other public-or private-pieces, but she sure does get out there and hustle

Excerpted from Texas Arts Revue #7
October 1981

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