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Small Sculpture in Texas

The Last Pegasus Story

The first Pegasus show was a grand spectacle. Only Will Hipps's 18-foot sawhorse would have tested the immensity of Dallas City Hall, but it wasn't in the first show. The Flying Red Horse Show as an inspiring exhibition, with many exciting entries and only a few duds. The later reception at sponsoring Dallas Institute was a hoot. As was the Pegasus Polka opening of D-Arts' enlarged, 1982 version of the show, The Red Horse Flying Show.

But the grandeur was gone. Most of the pieces seemed lost in a vast dingy emptiness. The video tape of the earlier show echoed unintelligibly in a corner, but Brave Combo was most audible. Except for figuring out which pieces were new or missing, the most fun at Pegasus Two was watching D-Art director and founder Mary Ward and City Arts Program director Richard Huff doing the flying Pegasus polka.

Pegasus was the theme for a
whole issue of DARts on paper.
Before that, we'd gone at it in
many letters and stories. I'd
hoped this would be the last
mention for awhile.

Dallas Arts Revue #7
winter 1982


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