Small Sculpture in Texas ©1993, 2000 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Metz As Smell

One Halloween disguise really stood out. Oak Cliff artist Greg Metz came to the gigantic Deep Elm warehouse Fly Killer party as a smell. A most effective guise. Mean Metz looked pretty much normal, mask-less in a cheap coat and tie. But OH! the olfactory! He truly stank.

Friends said he'd been saving fish and other pungently wretched dead things for weeks. The odor was fierce.

Metz was magnanimous enough to share shards of his icky costume. For example, he shoved a slimy gray brown entrail into my coat pocket. Even though I quickly dumped the offending part, it smelled so foul that when I got home, my cat tried to kill my coat. Another glob shoved into a glove temporarily serving as a mask earned Metz a well-deserved sock.

Offensively controversial, Metz didn't so much raise a stink; he just let the natural aromas exude. Phew!

originally written for the
Dallas Arts Kazoo on KNON radio
then published in Dallas Arts Revue #12
December 1983


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