Small Sculpture in Texas ©1993, 2000 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Suede Synesthesea

Too often, Carol Taylor, Art on Cedar Springs had shows whose work looked like wall-to-wall variation on an unvarying theme. The same shapes stare at each other across the long shotgun room like uniformed armies of art.

When a few of former New York, now Dallas artist Andrea Rosenberg's eloquently folded, deep rich, color dye-soaked hand-made paper pieces are mixed into a gallery or museum space, her spare simplicity and skillful expression draws attention like cosmic lode stones.

In the CTA hall of mirrors, however, even these exquisite examples lose much of their fervor of form and delight of color.

Ignore the roomfull of repetition and concentrate on but one, and her delicately sensual art awards you with a fleeting nirvana of Zen seeing. Like touching soft suede leather with your eyes, a gentle synesthesia in a monochromatic carnival.

originally for Dallas Arts Kazoo 
on KNON radio,  
then published in 
Dallas Arts Revue #12,
December 1983 


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