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Small Sculpture in Texas ©1993, 2000 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Signs of the Past

According to a press release, developer Trammell S. Crow--often mentioned as a man with no artistic taste and the money to back it up--has "rescued one of the community's major artifacts," the Esquire Theatre's neon marque-topping artist's palette. The Esquire itself is scheduled for demolition.

The much-loved SCREW Products sign that hung so many years on the building at 1700 Routh Street, is in good hands. I don't remember whose, but I hope they do better than Trample Croak did when he gave the Esquire palette to the Dallas Theatre Center, which will blop the fine old sign onto its new cardboard arts district home.

Meanwhile, the dragon from the Miramar Museum's marquee is still safe with Frank X Tolbert. And I recently got news that the now-gone McKinney Ave. China Clipper sign is awaiting a restaurant opportunity.

I still wonder who ended up with the benignly garish Addis Flatts Beauty College neon sign that used to 'grace' Ms. Flatt's salon and school on lower, and then grander, Oak Lawn. Incused into the tiny college's campus concrete were large, four-foot long, ornate crossed keys etched into both driveways.

And some of the scissors, combs and razors sealed into the surface of the City's sidewalks are still visible to aware walkers down the east side of the 2600 block of that historic avenue.

originally for Dallas Arts Kazoo
on KNON radio,
then published in
Dallas Arts Revue #12
December 1983


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