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Small Sculpture in Texas ©1993, 2000 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Stone and Steel Garden

If you haven't already attended downtown Dallas' beautiful new Museum of Art Sculpture Garden, go. Surrounded by high walls that cut out the ground clutter of surrounding streets and buildings-but not the only slightly muffled noise of art district 'progress,' the pristine architectural space offers an isolated view of the odd-shaped sculpture-like tops of the West End buildings and the full canopy of sky above. The stone garden is an almost meditational space, and in good weather, it's certainly the nicest chapel in town.

Ivy ground cover has just taken root, so there's not much green yet, but an abundance of fine and very diverse traditional, modern and contemporary sculpture by international, national and, importantly, local sculptors, seems to be growing out of the concrete floor of the bright, almost white space.

The museum has already scheduled a boisterous series of noontime musical and other artsy events at the garden, but I much prefer an earlier morning or later afternoon visit,, when only a few people wander around the art laden grounds.

originally written for the 
Dallas Arts Kazoo 
on KNON radio,
then published in 
Dallas Arts Revue #13 
May 1984 


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