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Small Sculpture in Texas ©1993, 2000 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Early Morning Stone

It was early Saturday morning, but sculptor Sandy Stein was installing her show of giant stone at Foster Goldstrum Gallery. A crew was unloading large limestone blocks from big flatbed trailers into FG's parking lot. A forklift strained with the weight of one after another of a long platoon of smooth stones, rough carved on one side with dragon fins.

Hazy gray sunlight made the parking lot tableau seem even more surreal. Most of the jigsawed blocks of stone glowed pale yellow from a recent hosing. Dry blocks glistened white in partial sunlight.

The giant bricks formed images of intense black and white. The only color was shocking magenta 2 x 4s compressing under the just-unloaded stones. Scribbled numbers on smooth sides conspired a plan to put Humpty together for the first time.

Looking for Thesius' Sandal is a mammoth 7' tall by 25' long wall. I figured she was setting it up outside. But during the next week the numbered stones would be assembled inside Foster's building at 2722 Fairmount. The show strained the gallery's slab foundation till April 20.

Dallas Arts Revue #13,
May 1984 


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