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Small Sculpture in Texas ©1993, 2000 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

From Tinkertoys to Boomerangs

Two elegant three-dimensional drawing-like sculptors opened shows March 17. California artist Boyd Wright's 3-D wood drawings at DW reminded many of James Surls' fantasy creatures and me more than a little of David Smith. Or giant primitive tinkertoy constructions, some of which looked like they'd rock or swing or turn on tiny, delicate fulcrums. Another piece, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, had lewd playing cards attached to a wood skeleton.

Opening at Mattingly Baker the 17th were sculptures and geometric (like the "how was it folded" puzzles on an IQ test) drypoint prints by Deep Ellum sculptor Philip Van Keuren.

Brad Metcalf's beautiful black box peep shows use strobe lights to flash-synch spinning doll babies on cinema-scoping, hand cranked wheels. Each of his four, finely crafted consoles concealed a different sort of inane motion. The idea is fine and fun; the execution is excellent.

Former UD grad sculptor Shep Miers and painter Lee Connerat opened a joint show at Mary Whitenack's brand new Conduit gallery, 2814 Elm street. Shep's sculptures are graceful, large, delicately balanced wood arcs that sway on cantilevered fulcrums like airport tourist toys, looking very much like giant artful boomerangs.

originally written for the 
Dallas Arts Kazoo on KNON radio,
later published in 
Dallas Arts Revue #13,
May 1984


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