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Toxic Shock's Fractions

Toxic Shock are five independent Dallas artists who occasionally collaborate. In April 1986, Frances Bagley, Julie Cohn, Linda Finnell, Debora Hunter and Susan Magilow installed Fractions at the University of Texas at Dallas.

The group's first piece, an interlocking sculpture inspired by the Pegasus constellation and myth, was in the Flying Red Horse Show at Dallas City Hall in October 1981. Since then, they've done A Resource File of the Dallas arts support network, a geographic improv for 500X's Site Show, a page in Bwana Art, a stage set for the tenth anniversary of abortion rights, a canine audio performance on KNON-FM, a concave, negative plaster cast of their faces (for Left Right The Political Show in 1984, and a hand-made book of goddesses for The Madonna Project last autumn.

The Shock's ninth project was a collection of plaster cast fragments of the five members. Anonymous body parts were mounted in the plush, dark brown topless room. Related segments were grouped together in the soft, quiet, womb-like personal enclosure, which floated in the art department's spacious interior.

As usual with Toxic art, a crafty undercurrent of practical, open-ended politics shared space with fine craft and subtle wit.

Dallas Arts Revue #21,
June 1986 


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