Small Sculpture in Texas ©1993, 2000 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

The Last Kinetic Sculpture Parade

On a warm and sunny day, about four thousand people lined the route down Market in downtown Dallas. More than forty variously complex human-powered devices wended their way to the West End: A flock of pink plastic flamingos on long thin brass legs; a giant tricycle; a New Orleans style marching brass band; Mr. & Mrs. Black Potato Head; a sleek, low-slung super soapbox; a giant striped black bug with farmer's hat; a flapping tent on a bike, a hip gull-winged dragonfly with jagged teeth and shades; two full-fledged dragons-one shaped from rusted sheet metal belched real fire.

The other, a giant multi-colored and lush textured behemoth, had lurid yellow teeth, red eyes, black rib frame and gossamer orange fins. A lime green inch-worm ( above ) inched all the way. A yellow DARTS bus with Max Goldblatt emblazoned on the back, saying "You could have been home by now" disintegrated on route. A bunch of bikes welded together whirly-gigged into $3,000 first prize.

And a helping hand pulled a trailer full of pistoning legs.

Dallas Arts Revue #22,
early 1987


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