Small Sculpture in Texas ©1993, 2000 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.


Urban Waterfalls

I've only been thinking about it for about fifteen years now. But someday I will get around to driving all over Dallas to photograph every urban waterfall and art fountain in the city.

I still remember my first truly successful photograph was a backlit shot of a fountain in Topeka, Kansas. I shot at least ten 36-shot rolls of film on that elusive subject ( above ). But I finally captured that magic, sculptural art moment, when sharply defined globules of crystalline clear, nearly transparent water suspended unnaturally in front of the bright, starred glare of the sun.

The print--a giant, 16 x 20"--was almost as difficult to create as the original negative. It was, unfortunately, lost to a flood of leaking hot water, which washed away the emulsion.

The version above is resurrected from a blue and black duotone I created for the cover of a semester notebook for a class in Process Camera Photography at East Texas State University.

previously unpublished


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