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Elusive Indentation

All but ignored at the TSA annual membership show was Houstonian Ken Young's superb Indentation, which combined simple, rounded pillow shape, viewer kinetics, and intriguing, see-through ambiguities in an eminently touchable physical manifestation of intelligence and humor.

The succinct, wide-weave and wholly enclosed wire-frame basket comprised a bronze, fingerprint-textured crosshatch exoskeleton one could simultaneously see into, through and beyond.

It begged for touching, even strumming (which produced a blooming, harmonic bass), as if physical and aural contact with this fine, optically illusive, 3-D cartoon proved its real-world existence.

Regular, except for a rounded concavity indented into the front, Indentation was stationary. But as you moved around it, an ever-changing retinal moiré of competing arcs formed in your mind.

Dallas Arts Revue #26,
April 1988 


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