Small Sculpture in Texas ©1993, 2000 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.


Place-maker Linnea Glatt, in collaboration with her mechanically-minded husband Jim Cinquemani, created Harrow for permanent installation near the Dallas Morning News downtown.

The cone of rust-brown Cor-Ten clocks the black circular track every 24 hours-unless its electric eyes click off the tiny motor inside for an obstruction.

Comprising a hollow nacelle banded with a progression of circular bands, the slowly turning shape leaves concentric circles in its sandy wake. Its motion is barely discernible.

Children play on and around it. People sometimes sleep near or against it. And night fires have been built around it. Surrounding the sand circle are informal groups of Core-Ten and wood seats, then a scattering of young trees.

Beyond that is a low white stone perpendicular, walling the quiet place from the din of downtown.

Dallas Arts Revue #34,
June 1992 


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