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The Cover
Links to the latest stories, including recent stories and feature
The Calendar
Dallas' most oft-updated calendar of visual art — the only one that lists every Dallas and Texas artist in every show
Contact Us

more than our E-mail, how to send us calendar info, opportunities, and others

Member Pages
Pages of art by DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members
Submissions Guidelines
How to Send Us Invitations, Images, Publicity and Stories

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What readers write - pro and con


Indexes + Subindexes

major indexes in bold
Art Crit Index
A comprehensive link list of stories and critiques about Dallas art and artists, although the cover has more recent additions.
Once this was a comprehensive, site-wide link list of artists mentioned on these pages, but it has long since been abandoned, because the editor has too much else to do.
Artists Interviews
Talking with artists and art professionals

Artists Watch

Some special artists worth watching — outdated

Art Man

Don Mangus' comix from early ink on paper DARts magazines
Art Spaces
Stories that could only happen in one place
DARts Archives
Stories & pictures from DARts on paper 1979~1996
Histories and stories about The McKinney Avenue Contemporary
A complex history of truth & fiction
First-person experiences and community reviews
Midnight Rambles Index
Long, rambling stories about this site and it's directions
ThEdblog Index
Stuff of interest to The Editor of this site about the net and art
Art Here Lately
Art here lately
Gerald Burns
Stories by and about former DARts contributor, nationally-recognized poet and art critic
with artists and others involved in the Dallas area arts community
Joe Stanco
Literary and other works by the late Dallas poet, performance artist and founding member of Victor Dada

J R's Collection

Art in the editor's personal collection
Literature Index
Literary wrtiting on DARts, including
The DallasArtsRevue Literary Review
Midnight Rambles
Frank little chats about what's going on on this site, and what The Editor is thinking about doing next, usually involving feedback from members and subscribers and future show ideas, all tied together with photos of some weird sort. No longer updated.

Movies + DVDs

Last Century's greatest art form — visual art, but not Dallas

O for Other

Other stuff, including personal and family pages
Public Art
The public may not make art, but we see a lot of it out there.
Communities need resources.
The index of DARts Art Criticism. The most comprehensive list of stories on this site — a good place to start.
Our on-line Self-Portrait Show that's open to all
Reviews of specific shows
Magic and pagan and personal stories — including some Transition stories.
Small Sculpture in Texas - 3-D art from the past
Art on the move
1026 Tranquilla
an index of stories about the first DARts show
visiting artists and other spaces
Michael Helsem
index of Michael's stories
Jim Dolan
Index of Jim's stories
Norman Kary
Index of Norm's stories
Kathleen Dello Stritto
Index of Kathy's stories, including the Raynette & Vernon stories

the late Gerald Burns

Stories, poems & illustrations by and about national award-winning poet, art critic, illustrator and friend
Ken Shaddock
The Elbow of Art
Tracy Hicks
Lilting short short stories of frogs and homeless and art
Jaya Wagle
The Mad Teapots of Steve Benezue
Anne Gordon Perry
Inducing a Passion for Art
Most of the other
stories are by J R Compton (vitae),
  whom D Magazine callsDallas' Best Local Arts Promoter.

Popular Features


art shows, lectures, short-term events

usually first-person singular (sometimes plural) experiences with art in Dallas
Aesthetic Crisis Center — internet pages with fine art, annimation, interaction, funny or political content
Art Ops

Artists' Opportunities — jobs, competitive exhibition listings, etc.

An annotated, linked list of Dallas Visual Art Groups

J R's New White Rock Lake Journal
Photographs of our inner-city lake, but they're almost never updated. See instead, The Amateur Birder's Journal, which is updated nearly every weekday.


Dallas + Texas Artists with Web Pages
A Short History
of Dallas Arts Revue
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Dallas Artists

An accumulation of short reviews

 Artists' Views

Visual artists talk about visual art.





Index of Resources
Aesthetic Crisis Center
amazing pages elsewhere on the net
Art Books
Art Dogs
Artists on this site (incomplete)
Art Opportunities
(This is the freebie, public Art Ops page. The Member-Only version has many more ops and is updated more often. But you have to have a Users I.D and password, which you get when you help Support DallasArtsRevue.
Art Services
the Best & Worst
of Dallas Art - 2003 & 2004
J R's
Black-eyed Pea Salad Recipe
Members Index
links to lots of diverse art by the Supporting Members of DallasArtsRevue.
Gallery Information
galleries, addresses, open times, contacts, phone numbers, e and web addresses
with Artists and Art Professionals
I Want
If you want it and there's no place else to put it, it goes here
Lost Artists
someone is looking for
email community newsletters
of Really Hard to Find Art Venues
Radio Stations, Art Publications & Arts Guides
Museums & Art Centers
Gladys Gostin, Bob Trammell, Carol Wilder
Schools, Classes, Teachers and Educational Art Venues
Visual Art Groups
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