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Display Advertising

$10 per square inch per insertion per month, minimum $25.

Display ads can be placed on the cover (Home) the Members Index or the Calendar pages — our most popular pages, which are linked on almost every DARts page.

Insertion on other pages may be possible, but E-mail me to discuss it.

All Display Ads must be approved by the editor before they are published on

Content may include words, pictures, photographs, E-mail or website links.

Display ads will be converted to JPEG or GIF format and will be optimized by the editor, so they load quickly.
Display Ad Sizes

six square inch ad

Six Square Inch Display Ad


5 square inch ad

Five Square Inch Display Ad


4 square inch display ad

Four Square Inch Display Ad


two-square inch display ad
  2 square inch display ad

Two Square Inch Display Ads — Vertial and Horizontal


one square inch display ad
One Square Inch Display Ad - Horizontal 

One Square Inch Display Ad — Square and Horizontal



DARts Special Events Page

For $200 per year we'll be happy to sell you a DARts Special Events Page, where you can link anything you want, including a map or artists list, for one event.

Like the one we do for the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour every year.

We'll help you promote your event.

You can leave it up all year.

Provide your own in GIF or JPEG format.

You design it or we will — photography, copywriting or production charges extra.


Contact us now.


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