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Mary IronEyes

Story + Photographs by J R Compton

Mary's Dallas Wake


© 2002 Mary Iron Eyes Israel - Taos Rising

from a poster by Metrographics in Wichita,
Kansas — a gift from Marty Ray to JR.

Long-time Dallas teacher, facilitator, Contemporary American Indian Artist, and dear friend Mary Iron Eyes died June 27, 2003 of pancreatic cancer.


readers' feedback below

a postcard Mary sent JR from Taos


Read Beccy Tanner's excellent obituary in The Wichita, Kansas Eagle.
And there's a new one in Dallas Morning News with a picture of Mary.


Snakes by Mary Iron Eyes, ca. 1990
from a private installation in memory of
fellow artist Georgia Stafford.
— a gift from Mary, 44 inches tall
Snakes, Mary told me, were
a symbol of spiritual transition.


"Destiny" is the personal path that touches each of us —
past, present and holds our future with divine majestic symbols.

These symbols have no measurement of time or place, but rather a place of balance.

Let us celebrate DESTINY and the precious moments it holds for each of us.

by Iron Eyes Israel

written for her show at the Wichita
Center for the Arts December 7, 2002

Thanks to Rosemary Cruz and Marty Ray
for some of the info on this page.

More art by Mary Iron Eyes is online:

Brown Clay Bowl on DallasArtsRevue, and
Blue Medicine
a painted pony in Taos.




I was shocked and saddened to open your site to the news of Mary Iron Eyes moving on to the next dimension. — @rt

Thank you for honoring Mary on your site. — Marty

We were saddened to hear the news about Mary Iron Eyes. Her journey through this world has ended. But she begins a new journey in a new world. We will miss her. — Dave from Dallas

Mary, Mary Estelle, Mary Iron Eyes, Mary Hatz, Hatz...she answered to many names...her life and her art touched many people...thanks, JR, for giving us a vehicle for remembering and honoring my dear medicine sister. With love, Mary Ruff ~ Gentle Doe

Although we cannot see it, I am sure that Mary's beauty, talent and wisdom is bringing light to another part of the Universe.
Laura Solomon, former employee at the Trail of Painted Ponies


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Ceramic chevron by Mary Iron Eyes
signed To J.R. - "Ebony Light Wave" - Hatz 7 7 71  
16.5 inches wide
All images this page Collection JR Compton


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