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7th Annual Corazón - Bath House

Picasso in Clay - Pillsbury Peters

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Beginning with The Word
by Mary McCleary

June 2001

Beginning With the Word, Constructed Narratives: 1985-2000 by Mary McCleary at Dallas Visual Art Center, through June 1, 2001

One of the most fascinating exhibitions in Dallas is  Beginning With the Word, Constructed Narratives: 1985-2000  by  Mary McCleary at DVAC  through June 1. Nacogdoches artist and teacher McCleary's large-scale, incredibly complex, painting-like constructions are amazing, with Biblical depth of meaning and materials. Look at these time-consumed visuals — each takes Mary about a year — at some distance to admire their compositions and colors. Then step right up to the surface to marvel at the construction and myriad materials therein. Truly awsome. - JRC


The New Meadows Museum

April 2001

SMU's New Meadows Museum

We just missed the King and Queen of Spain, trying to tourist into the new Meadows Museum at SMU, across from their new stadium at SMU. Its framed arches are more prominent, but it blends well into the red brick campus, although it now has underground parking and much more space.

We didn't get to see much inside, because it was "closed for opening celebrations." But the door was ajar, so I tried to talk our way into a short, slow-run tour.

A weary but happy Museum Director John Lundsford greeted us. We mentioned the exclusionary, iron gates everybody associated with the old museum. He wouldn't let us wander through, but he did show us the Dallas-fabricated Spanish style gates now mounted on the wall in what will be the museum's Iron Gate restaurant.See Documenting Dallas for one more photo at the Meadows and a couple of others around Dallas. — JRC



Artistic Centers in Texas:
Dallas/Fort Worth

DVAC — February 2001

Artistic Centers in Texas: Dallas / Fort Worth, featuring Helen Altman, Brian Fridge, Ted Kincaid, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Jody Lee, Cynthia Lin, Erick Swenson and Marshall Garth Thompson, curated by Suzanne Weaver and Charles Wylie at Dallas Visual Art Center, 2917 Swiss Avenue, open daily, 214 821-2522, through March 2 2001

Did you make it to see the work at DVAC? . . . The lint mysteriously adhesived to museum board was probably a favorite ( next to the odd iceberg figures which I actually liked ). . .

I think either I'm an over achiever for actually trying to paint ( seriously ), or my snotty personal opinions about artists vs. art posers are showing. Although I'm afraid some of the work will end up in the Whitney Biennial ( smile )

. . . afraid being the operative word — my god, stop me! Really, if I can't say something nice, I shouldn't say anything at all.— Elda May Schwartz


7th Annual Corazón


February 2001

The Seventh Annual El Corazón show at the Bath House Cultural Center through February 17 has the distinct look and feel of a real community effort.

For quality and consistency, it's the best group show the Bath House has hosted in too long a whle.

Curator Joe Vargas has selected wisely and widely, with a delightful selection, sometimes heavy, sometimes light-hearted, often whimsical.

This Valentine show features work by a gentle variety of Dallas artists. Works include art about love and love gone horribly wrong, among other hearty themes. For a change, this February group show has real heart — and soul. - JRC


top left: Alfredo Rodriguez, El Corazon Segrado de Dove Leon, wood

top right: Corazon Maltratado / Espinado, painted wood with spikes

right: Julio Suarez, Room of Hearts, 2001, acrylic

far right: looking carefully nto Rebecca Romanek Johnson's big heart, metal and fiber — which now hangs on the volunteer wall at DVAC.


Picasso in Clay
Three Decades of Ceramis from
the Marina Picasso Collection

December 2000


 I knew betterthan to look at the price list for this ( I realize i overuse the word, but for a change, this time it's right on the mark ) exquisite piece of painted and carved clay from 1957.

I stood in silent awe at the simple elegance of this hat-shaped owl bowl. I've seen lots of Pablo's birds over the decades. But this is top flight. The piece is mounted away from the wall, so we can peruse the uniquely Picasso, painted colors, textures and shapes back there, too. Officially, it is Grand plat rond blank creux, painted and incised terracotta, 17-3/4" diameter, 2-3/4" high, Marina Picasso Collection. - JRC



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