Unearthly Delights
with Chris Mars
at Forbidden Gallery

July 2000

Product Technicians by Chris Mars, 24' x 27", pastel on paper

At first, I was put off by the lurid work at Forbidden Gallery. And much of the work there is juvenile and simplistic, although original and imaginative.

But I loved the complex, multi- dimensional grotesqueries of Chris Mars, who attributes his obsession with things macabre and bizarre to the fear attendant with his little brother's early madness.

In the back room was the guilty pleasure of Glenn Barr's inexpensive litho — a masturbatory fantasy in vivid red velvet textures — a voluptuous, silk stockinged pinup lies on an equally red couch in easy reach of her New Gun, like a cover on a 40s semi-porn detective novel.


Alas, Forbidden Gallery is gone.

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