Sometimes My Hand Has a Mind of its Own
Photographs & Prints by Linda Finnell (1948-1999)

December 2000 at SMU's Pollock Gallery

The reception for theSometimes My Hand Has a Mind of Its Own: Photographs & Prints by Linda Finnell (1948-1999) memorial at SMU's at Pollock Gallery in the Hughes Trigg Student Center, on a gray, shadowless Saturday afternoon amid the red brick of SMU autumn was somber with bright bits of remembered joy. Her photographs in the Pollock Gallery ( below ) were a delicate remembrance of a friend and fellow photorapher, whose works was marked by delicate textures and essential femininity. ( self portrait as both genders by Linda Finnell, 1980, silver gelatin print ( above )


But it was the beautifully presented collection of Linda Finnell's diaries, handmade books and ephemera at the Mildred Hawn Gallery, in the Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library that was the real heart-breaker.

Documenting her time here with a lifetime of snapshots, drawings, photos and collected diaries, the glass cased encapsulation circled the room with a careful chronology, which allows viewers to share her words and her world. "I will not die today. I have reasons to live," she wrote in a colorful, painted diary page dated May 27, 1999, shortly before she died.


  Linda Finnell Feeling Paper, an Illustration from the late Gerald Burns' Great Moments in Dallas Art series, first published in Dallas Arts Revue back in the mid 80s and now on Gerald's page of drawings in the DARts online archives

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