another illustrated Paul Booker entry
is the Syncretism show at Collin County
Community College in November, 01

Paul Booker & Steve Brudniak at 500X
October 2000  

Especially memorable downstairs are more — and some of the same — exquisite, little, speed-freak pen drawings by Paul Bookerbelow ) and several instances of the limp, white sculptural shapes that are the subjects of those drawings.

Upstairs were some oddly beautiful, large sculptures down at the far end of the big hall, but along the wall near the back stairway were an eerie suite of Blood Reliquaries by Steve Brudniak ( left ).

Yes, blood. The artist's own, in liquid — in the smaller, brass assemblages — and dried in the large, oven-door-like shapes. The larger pieces comprise macho, harsh, dark metal fastened together with large-head screws and edged with ceramic tiles like wall furnaces — shallow, cabinet-like shrines to the sacred element. - JRC



September 2000

Paul Booker
Small Drawings with Corresponding Nomenclature,
2000, ink on mylar

Everytime I visit 500X I want to say that it's back to its old tricks with yet another gang of artist members. But my wishful thinking is never quite true, although there are often glimmers of its former glorious self. What 500X once was only ghosts back once in a while, and it usually doesn't stay long, although rarely does a new group stage a show classy enough to get my hopes up like this bunch has.

As usual, I was startled and amazed by a bigger than life colored drawing by Rosemary Meza that nearly attacks its viewers up left along the landing. And I noted that husband Steve Cruz's backgrounds are getting larger, less intricate and compulsive while still retaining its odd mystery and joy.

I found fascinating a piece by Paul Booker ( above ) in the small exhibition room next to the X office. The work comprises a series of tiny ink on mylar drawings and, below it, a correspondingly intricate list of odd names for the entities drawn.

A group of friends was showing upstairs, where I found several very nice pieces — including Alan Cobb's images of downtown Dallas and a spare few others, but most of that stuff just doesn't hack it.

500X Gallery is at 500 Exposition Avenue, near Fair Park, 214 828-1111, 12-5 Saturday & Sunday or by appointment.

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