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art here lately index

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Art Here Lately #22 is the Current AHL Page


Art Here Lately #21

The New Pegasus sure looks old.

Hecho en Dallas 2015

My Fave Ten from Brooklyn In Dallas

New Texas Talent

Framing Desire at FWAMBO

and other stories I'll link tomorrow or someday…


Art Here Lately #20

Considering 21 pieces of Serious New Texas Talent

Aimee Cardosa - Untitled I - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.    Aimee Cardosa   Untitled I

Real & Apparent Depth at Ro2's Chaos II — a lot of Dallas artists in a juried show of small works at Ro2 downtown  

Art Here Lately #19

Vladimir Putin by George W. Bush - Photograph Copyright 2014 JRCompton.com. All Rights Reserved. George W. Bush   Portrait of Vladimir Putin

Art Here Lately #18

Creative Differences - 35 Years at 500X 

Art Here Lately #17

New Texas Talent #20 

Art Here Lately #16

Pizzicato Porno Performance at Ro2 Downtown

Art Here Lately #15

shop talk - Photograph Copyright 2012 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.   Randall Garrett   The Long Way Home   detail from Twin Lakes Auto Salvage

Art Here Lately #14

Art in the Hinterlands  — I once wrote negative opinions about an amateurish show in Rockwall, Texas. These artists invited me back to see their latest work.

Visiting Old Friends on the White Rock Lake Artist's Studio Tour 

Nada Dada 2012 — not the Dallas Art Dealers Associations humongous art walk, just a bunch of seven galleries, of which I picked four

Terry Hays and I created and curated Curate. Collaborate: Cura! Cura! Cura! at the Bath House, the first of a series of exhibitions curated by one known curator (me, J R Compton) who then picks someone else (Terry Hays) to work with to curate a curated exhibition.

This story features Bernardo Cantu, Eric de Llamas and Sam England, Ashley Bryan, Kim Alexander, Tim Harding, Sunny Sliger, Diane Sikes and Sedrick Huckaby

There's also a story about The Artists by Terry Hays.

Which is followed by The Thursnight Addendum — the show opened that Saturday (I think I remember), but it did not come all together until the Thursnight before. Lots of pictures showing a show coming together at long last.  

The Oak Cliff Visual Speed Bump Art Tour 2012

Dichroic reflections, neo-geo shards, lemur tails, subaqua-ography, yarn bombs, big burger art, hand-shakes, Trailer Cakes & Red Velvet Cakes - another one of those, throw-them-all-together art reviews of a bunch of openings, events and stuff that happened on one day or afternoon and night.

Shamrock Hotel +  Continental Gin Open Houses + Billy Hassell at The MAC — usually, we love, love, love open houses, and always we like like like Billy Hassell, about whose work I've been writing almost as long as I've been writing for this rag. Plus a few years.

Radical Regionalism panel 

Cassandra Emswiler Gilds the Silk Lily — sometimes a really really fine show happens and I get to take pix.

Xpo excerpts, rubber rubbings + food art on a wet night 

Gregory Horndeski - Trying to Play Ball Where They Can   Gregory Horndeski   Trying to Play Ball Where They Can   1986   acrylic   42 x 54 inches

Gregory Horndeski: 30 years in the Art Biz 

Couple of Quickie Stops on an other night entirely 


Art Here Lately #13

Ten Galleries in One Night: The Power Station's grand opening; variously strewn abstractions at The MAC; Haley-Henman; Sam England at Plush; Joseph Havel at Talley Dunn; perfect parking then a redo at Barry Whistler; walk to Kirk Hopper; across the street to The Public Trust; Tim Harding, Christine Bisetto and Matthew Clark at 500X; schmaltzy video at Centraltrak back when they insisted upon no mid-word capitalization;

Another Night of Art in Dallas: Norman Kary's Time Machine at Craighead Green; a Cosmic Carnival at the Art Hotel; Sublimation Simularcrum at Cohn Drennan; not much at Mary Tomas; serene Sarah Williams buildings at Marty Walker; Cris Worley

Modern Ruin II: Slow & Clean - A second attempt to achieve the enigmatic glory of Modern Ruin in the bank that never was in Art Here Lately #8, somewhat successful, interesting, some of the same artists in a house about to be updated. Co-curated by Thomas Feulmer and Christina Rees, who called it "Modern Ruin, Quick and Dirty:" Cam Shoepp, Shelby David Meier, Terri Thornton, Tom Orr, M, Frances Bagley,  Chris Powell, Thomas Feulmer, Richard Patterson and others

Intense - Andrea Rosenberg Drawings at Barry Whistler

Identity - Frank X. Tolbert 2

Classic - Mac Whitney work and Talk at Kirk Hopper

Pristine - Paul Booker - Curved Amber Rectangles #2 at Kirk Hopper

Dark Passage - an open door in a dark space

Letitia Eldgredge painting

Jason Raynega - Under Fire

Bright Brit - Tony Cragg at The Nasher

Laura and Brad's Halloween Party

Hanley Henman presents Connections — a site-specific installation celebrating the new Margret Hunt Hill Bridge

spikey ceramic    Andrew E Swatzfager   at the State Fair of Texas


Art at The Fair

an autumn essay about art that was interesting in a flip-back cosmic way



Art Here Lately #12

Tyson Summers - Owl   Tyson Summers   Owl   in "The Gateway to Deep ElmSee Big Owl

The Performance Art that almost wasn't - Cross Kart by Joseph Daun at Kirk Hopper at 6:30 Saturday, September 17, on display in the sculpture garden out back through September 24, 2011      

Transition, Extension, Progress & Projection

incorporating various shows, including: The End of Things - Celia Eberle, Project Room - Michael Mazurek at Plush, opening 6-9 pm Saturday, September 10, through October 8    

The I That Sees Me - Heather Gorham, Blue Skies - Jay Maggio, Radiant Standing - Arturo Mallman at Craighead Green, opening 5-8 Saturday, September 10, through October 8    

Noted - Sandow Birk and Simeen Farhat, Cross Kart - Joseph Daun and David Aylsworth at Kirk Hopper, opening 6:30-8:30 Saturday, September 10, performance by Joseph Daun, 6:30 Saturday, September 17, through September 24

Texas Hot Chilly - Christine Bisetto, Courtney Brown, Matt Clark, Laura Doughtie, Michael Francis, Nate Glaspie, Timothy Harding, Scott Hilton, Clayton Hurt, Nick Hutchings, Joel Kiser, Diane McGurren, Bruce Monroe, Leslie Murrell, Kerry Pacillio, Elaine Pawlowicz, Jonathan Snow, Tiffany Wolf at 500X, opening 7-10 Saturday, September 10, through October 2

New Texas Talent XVIII - Terry E. Adams, Sarah Halferty, Nathan Madrid, Joshua Banks, Ed Hall, Abigail McLaurin, Awadh Baryoum, Steph Hargrove, William Messimer, Grant Billingsley, Marshall Harris, Julie Michel, Rachel Black, Stuart Hausmann, Ellen Rhodes Moore, Bernard Bortnick, Ben Herrera, David E. Morris, Emily Brown, Amy Herzel, Aaron Munoz, Kelly Rae Burns, Erin Hinz, Nicole Norton, Andrew K. Currey, Duke M. Horn, Ellen Orseck, Christopher DeGasperi, Deborah Houston, Pavlina Panova, Caleb Dulock, Ellie Ivanova, Nicholas Parker, Jessica Dupuis, Jennifer Jones, Michelle Rahbar, Johnny Espinosa, Daniel Kanu, Daniel Rivera, Max Fields, Merri Ellen Kase, Sarah Sage, Arthur Fields, John William Keedy, Jerry Skibell, Natalie Galyon, Lucy Kirkman, Stacy Smith, Lori Geisler, MaryEllen Lacy, Lori Robertson Snyder, Nicolas Gonzalez, Natalie Lambert, Jennye Stubblefield, Tommy Gregory, Alisa Levy, Paige White, Whitney Hack, Sara Lovas, Douglas E. Winters III at Craighead Green, opening 5-8 Saturday, August 13, through September 3 2911

The MAC Member Show - especially Joe In, Margaret Ratelle, T J Griffin, Mary Bruns, Julia McLain, Terry Hays, Sonia Semone and Steve Prachyl

Demolicious 7-10 pm, July 30, 2011: "A one-night amalgam of the colorful and kitsch vs the foreboding and apocalyptic, set in a house slated for demolition at 7030 Fisher Road. Playful kittens will be dressed in drag, plastic toys melted and transformed, all under the auspices of the Mckinney Avenue Contemporary. It’s a Crash Collective production, featuring contributions from Mary Benedicto, Courtney Brown, Ashley Bryan, Paul Bryan, Chandra Bun , Dwayne Carter, Val Curry, Sam England, Jason Flowers, Eric de Llamas, Jeff Parrott, and Josh Poole.

The Object of my Construction - Alan Siggers at Oliver Francis, 209 South Peak Street, opening 6-9 Saturday, July 30, through August 13

Cheap Lights, a night of art where I especially liked: Kerry Pacillio and Giovanni Valderas at Cohn Drennan; Kathleen Wilke at Mary Tomas, Debora Hunter, Keri Oldham and Sharon Englestein at Kirk Hopper 

Has Somone on the Internet Stolen Your Work?

Oak Cliff Culture - Art opening at the new Start gallery in the old Ice House gallery space in Oak Cliff, including work on the walls all around and a print by Lauren Hirsch, sculpture by Sandy Stein

Oak Cliff decor

that bridge again

dark images from a Panel Discussion at Plush May 21 2011

The Oak Cliff Visual Speedbump Art Tour May 14, 2011

The Dallas Art Fair and Suite Art Fair April 8

and a thready show at Centraltrak



Art Here Lately #11 - Fort Worth Art Dealers Association Spring Gallery Night March 26 2011

Alexander Proctor - Indian Warrior   Alexander Phimister Proctor   Indian Warrior   at the Amon Carter Museum


The Fort Worth Art Dealers Association Spring Gallery Night March 26 2011

The Best of Texas Clay 2011; various art at the Amon Carter, some inner and outer architecture, 

The Botany of Desire at UTD with work by Claudia Borgna, Kimberly Alexander, Ric Heitzman, Rebecca Beachy, Jeffrey Miranda, Tracy Hicks, Vernon Fimple, Lizzy Wetzel, Julia McLain, Bert Scherbarth, Clayton Browning at University of Texas Dallas in the Visual Arts Building through April 23 2011

The last Art in the Hood Spring Show Sunday March 20 2011 - featuring work by Brad Abrams, Laura Walters Abrams, Matt Bagley, Diane Box, Rita Barnard, Misty Boldish, Randy Brodnax, Michael Christopher, Roy Cirigliana, Cathryn Colcer, Dan Colcer, Carolyn Collins, Robb Conover, Rose Downs, Dawn Dreyer, Dan Dudley, Lori Dudley, Mark Epstein, Deanne Eskridge, Adam Glick, Steve Herndon, Monique Jannette, Jenice Johnson, Suza Kanon, Kelsey Kincannon, Stuart Kraft, Jason LaJudice, Chris Lake, Margo Lee, Keith Livingston, Maja McFaul, Julia McLain, Kevin Obregon, Andrea Power, Terri Thoman, Nancy Thompson, Luis Toledano, Blake Waymire and Karen Weiss

The Late Patricia Forrest at Brookhaven College's Studio Gallery, March 7 through April 7 2011

Road Trip - Photographs by the Dead Photographers Society - Ken Blackburn, Dragana Bulatovic, Lee Courtney, Pam Davis, Guy Giersch, Peta Jones, Dora Knutsen, Mel Levin, Brian Magnuson, Roddy Parkinson, Sonja Quintero, Sam Reeves, Don Simmons, Nelson Spencer, Bonnie Slack at Bath House Cultural Center

Manufactured Beauty - Matt Clark

The Halo and The Humbug - Jacobin Van Deer Meyer, Robert Jessup at Conduit.

Consumed - Virginia Fleck at Holly Johnson.

Boomerangs - Dean Corbitt, Phil Lichtmeham, Sherri Mignonne, Walter Gray Lamb, Jonathan Millet, Judith Seay, Mary Tomas, Jonathan Whitfil at Mary Tomas. Brad Ellis, Justin Ginsberg, Gary Schafter at Craighead Green.

Linear Thinking - Ted Kincaid, Tom Orr, Jay Shinn at Marty Walker and

Mac Whitney at Kirk Hopper Fine Art — their inaugural exhibition with smaller Whitney sculpture inside and big, big work outside, and the shy Mac Whitney actually talked about his work. I even have a recording...

The Kids from Commerce at Plush through March 26 2011     

Texas Sculpture Association Membership Exhibition with work by Al Moore, Amber Block, Andrea Davis, Andrew Bachenheimer, Anne Neal, Annelies Christian, Art Wells, Cassandra Fink, Chris Lattanzio, Cynthia Daniel, Dan Dudley, Deana Hinchcliff, Diana Chase, Diana Morrison, Dottie Whiplash, Dr. Adriana Cobo-Frenkel, Eli Lorenz, Elizabeth (Sissy) Bingham, Eunice Bridges, Fancy Tanner, Ginny Marsh, Gisela-Heidi Strunck, Glenn Spelis, Hilal Hibri, Kati McAllister Hibri, Reba Browning, Greg Nelson, Jan Ayers, Jerry Freid, Jessica Burnham-Hinton, Joe Laberge, Joel Sampson, Julie Richey, Kate Schatz, Kathy Boortz, Larry McCoy, Lori Dudley, Lottie Minick, Mark Mueller, Mark Sacco, Marvin Crow, Murray Stein, Nan Phillips, Nic Noblique, Pascale Pryor, Pat Moberley Moore, Rebecca Low, Robin Gary, Shelley Kolman Smith, Stephen Potter and Tony Collins at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center opening Saturday February 12 through March 12 2011     

EXPO 2011 - Jesse Barnett, Julie Barnofski, Michael Blair, Angel Cabrales, Stephanie Clark, Kenneth Collins, Desiree Espada, Cydney Ferguson-Brey, Michael Francis, Anastasia Gabriel, Ricardo Garcia, Danielle Georgiou, Bethany Gouldin, T.J. Griffin, Steve Hamilton, Jessica Hargrave, Fields Harrington, Amy Herzel, Michael Hoefle, Hannah Hudson, Lucy Kirkman, Doughtie Laura, Rosie Lindsey, Sara Lovas, Diane McGurren, Ashley Milow, Frank Mosley, Loughridge Murrell, Kris Pierce, Teresa Rafidi, Jason Reynaga, Ryder Richards, Evett Rolsten, Soyla Santos, Michael Scot, Caroline Sharpless, Lucia Simek, Jonathan Snow, James Michael Starr, Tore Terrasi, Jonathan Whitfill, Timothy Wilson, Trey Wright, Virginia Yount and Sarah Zapata and juried by Marty Walker at 500X, reception 7-10 Saturday, February 12 through February 27  

Breathe, Walk, Look - Michel Verjux

The Overuse of Everything - David Willburn,

Rest in Power - Sour Grapes at Dallas Contemporary and 601 Elm Street, reception 8-10 Saturday February 12 through March 27    

The Corazon Show at the Bath House Cultural Center through February 26 2011     

Love and Hares: The Tom and Judy Show - Tom Sale and Judy Vetter at Bows and Arrows, 925 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, January 15 through February 18 — a Valentine extravaganza by experts in extravaganz.

Ro2 Art's Winter Show Sibylle Bauer, Cabe Booth, Chris Bramel, Michael Christopher, Ron Criswell, Linda Guy, Nicholas Mayeux, Steve Prachyl, Ryder Richards, Sue Anne Rische, Alison White Starr at Aloft, 1033 Young Street, Dallas, January 15 through January 31     2 Glitch - video by Jon Cates, Pal B Davis, Kyle Kondas, LoVid, Shane Mecklenburger, Tom Moody, Vjanomolee and Jerry Vogel curated by John Pomara and Dean Terry with Metroplex Video in the corridor at Centraltrak     Celia Eberle, Margaret Meehan, Frances Bagley and Helen Altman at The MAC -

Celia Eberle, Margaret Meehan, Frances Bagley and Helen Altman - Beast & Bunnies at the Mac - January 2011 Beasts & Bunnies at The MAC in January 2011  

Linnea Glatt at Barry Whistler     

Imprints: Three Gnerations of 500X and Jerry Dodd, the Ironic Juxtaposer

Bernardo Cantu - Inter-dimensional Relics from the Barrio 2 -

From Out of the Clouds Came Forth Bunny God - Jessica Nelson and Shelby Cunningham

Jerry Dodd, and Susan Leckey's Exquisite Corpse show and quilts show at Bath House



Art Here Lately #10

Lie  Ergonomics of Futility performance   411 North Tyler   from Ro2 Art

Tom Orr at Marty Walker

the Art Ranch portion of The Cedars tour, walk or whatever it's called, including:

Rick Maxwell sculpture
James Michael Starr
Roberto Munguia and Ellen George at Conduit
Marla Ziegler at Craighead Green
Nancy L. Brown and Brandon Behning at Randall Garrett's latest Plush Gallery


The Ergonomics of Futility by Ian F. Thomas and Shreepad Joglekar at 411 North Tyler, produced by Ro2 Art, and one of the best ensemble performance art pieces ever seen in Dallas

Billy Zinzer, Thomas Feulmer, Tom Orr and some little kids running wild at Marty Walker; and

all on November 20 2010. 

Enrique Cervantes Fernández and Gordon Young at University of Dallas  November 17; 

The Deep Elm Art Walk October 9 2010:

including work by Lawrence Lee; Michael Miller's Today I Am Thankful For All I Have at Barry Whistler; Martin Gerwers at Centraltrak; Gisela Heidi Strunck at Mocha; Savannah Lindsley at 2826 Arnetic
Trace Hayes at The Mitchell Building

DADA's 25th Anniversary Art Drive & sparsely unattended Party story,

featuring Francisco Alvarado, Alvarado, Antony Sarelli, Pavlina Panova and Mineko Grimmer at the Irving Arts Center; Sam Theis and Jose Vargas at the new Oak Cliff Cultural Center; Morton Rachofsky at the MADI; and the party at The Contemp 

Sustenance with Tom Orr, Frances Bagley, Darryl Lauster, Michael Mazurek, Sedrick Huckaby and Linnea Glatt at a repurposed building September 11 2010 — one of the outstanding shows of the year

Art Openings September 11

with Heather Gorham and Carolyn Brown at Craighead Green; Vincent Falsetta at Conduit; Bernardo Cantu at The Mercantile Coffee House; Mizraim Cardenas and Angeles Torrejon at The Latino Culture Center; Shelby Cunningham, Kerry Pacillo, Rebecca Carter and Mark Collop at 500X; and Ruben Nieto at Centraltrak.


Art Here Lately #9

Vanessa Neil   Mibile   Vanessa Neil   Mobile   at Cube Creative


Intricacies at Ro2 and 1727 Levee

New Texas Talent 2010 at Craighead Green

Borders at The MAC

Calatrava Bridge A a couple times

Financial Trouble at the City's Cultural Centers

Postcards for Shows

Another pictored mention of the Calatrava Bridge B

Open House at the Continental Gin

Art at the Lakewood Library

Fresh Faces at the Bath House

Art is Ageless at CC Young

The Rachofsky House & Collection on Artist Night

Eighth Semi-Annual Deep Ellum Art Walk

Up Exposition Avenue

The Continental Gin

Jurrying The Winston High School Art Show

Barry Whistler's

The Oak Cliff Art Crawl

Wandering Around Watching Art



Art Here Lately #8

Laura Abrams -    Laura Walters Abrams   Sugar Magnolia   1828 Henderson Avenue


Henderson Art Project

7th Annual Hecho en Dallas show

Sarah Williams at 500X

Depravities of War at Mac

Corazon Ten

Modern Ruin in an about-to-be-demolished bank - one of the best shows ever in Dallas — strong and ahead of its time

Dallas Art Fair - a long glimpse into the current of art in America in 2010

LA in Dallas at The Contemp

Parking On the Tracks at 500X

Joan Davidow and Beth Ewing prepare to cut the yellow cake at the inaugural show at The Dallas Contemporary


Art Here Lately #7

Tania Kaufman   Tania Kaufman   at FuNcTiOn at Corinth Park Artist Studios

The first artist featured in the first art show at the new Contemp, LA artist James Gilbert's talk.

Wandering Around Dallas Looking for Art:

Randy Brodnax & Friends at Sons of Hermann

Peter Ligon at Barry Whistler


Philip Van Keuren at The MAC

Mary Benedicto's Phallus Shurzz

Scott Wade's Dirty Car Art

ArtCon 5

Cedars Open Studios

Function at Corinth Park Artist Studios

and Dragon Street

Kim Cadmus Owens at Holly Johnson

Ellen Frances Tuchman

Fu and Man Chu


Art Here Lately #6

Cuyler Ehteredge - Zimbabwe Voter 2    Cuyler Ehteredge   Zimbabwe Voter 2   monotype   at Hecho en Dallas at the Latino Culture Center


Magick Mirrors and/or Altered Egos at the Bath House

Hecho en Dallas

Mary Benedicto at The Mac's 15

Local Geo at the MADI Museum

Quick-through Pan Am and PDNB

New Texas Talent juried by Charissa Teranova at Craighead Green

Bert Long at HCG

Conduit's 25th Anniversary party decor



Art Here Lately #5

Jackie McClellan   Jackie MacLelland   Zen   in Meltdown at the Art Hotel


The first Haley Henman gallery space when it was new.

Googolplex/Symbiopsychotaxiplasm at SouthSide

Guilty Pleasures at the Art Hotel

Haley Henman's window

Traveling Man and the beginnings of murals at "The Gateway to Deep Elm"

Archival Quality & The Real Thing at Oldfield Davis

The Iffy Progress of Altering Style - using Norman Kary's work as an example of consciously changing style



Art Here Lately #4

f.i.g.'s D Art Slam

500X Open Show 2009

Some of the DADA Tour — splat of chocolate ice cream on the street, Frances Bagley at some gallery, the new growth on the front of The Contemporary, more Frances Bagley


Frances Bagley - Unvoiced Questions #1   Frances Bagley   Unvoiced Question #1 at Marty Walker

Frances Bagley at Some Gallery



Art Here Lately #3 - The Fort Worth Art Dealers Association Spring Gallery Day

Timothy Harding   Timothy Harding   Art in the Metroplex   at TCU


Featuring work by DeOnna Byrd, David Clastko, Shelby Melner, Lorrie McClanahan, Susan Harrington, Daniel Blagg, Kevin McGehee, early work by Tim Harding, Don Beck, Rebecca Low,


Art Here Lately #2

Juan J. Herenandez - Mictian #1   Juan J. Hernandez   Mictian #1   at the 2009 Texas Biannial in Austin


Dallas art and artists in the 2009 Texas Biennial

Art Here Lately #1

An Introduction to the First Art Here Latley Page

Enrique's Card - Photograph Copyright 2014 by J R Compton.com   All Rights Reserved.

Enrique's Cart - homage to the cart Enrique Fernandez uses to hang so many different and many wonderful shows at the Bath House Cultural Center

Is It Art or Just Packaging?

Visiting Dallas' 'Top' Restaurant

Rusty Scruby at The MAC

Paul Abbott & Charlotte Smith at The MAC

Art in the Hood 2009

Another Dead Dallas Gallery - Gerald Peters moves to Dragon Street then Goes Under

Out the 9th Floor Window - of a then-member's studio

Julie Zarata   Ars Celars Artem   Julie Zarate   Ars Cellare Artem   assemblage at El Corazon

El Corazon 2009 at the Bath House
- Dallas' annual Valentine show

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