Engaging in Radical Regionalism since 1979
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Index of Performance Art Stories
on the pages of DallasArtsRevue.com

in more or less alpahetical order

Alison Starr's Action 9 / Wrestle at El Centro College Gallery's Objective Strategies was a superb example of Pefromance Art.

My fascination with African Art Magic which included primitive performance art for healing purposes.

Akirash's Oda in Pegasus Plaza downtown

Two instances of actual Performance Art in my ongoing Art Movies Revued page are worthy of note. The Future and How I Held My Breath for 17 Minutes

A Short History of Performance Art in Dallas in 2012 — dueling performance series at 500X' Object and CentralTrak's To Die For

Bill Meadows personal story about his arrest for weilding a leaky squirt gun in an impromptu performance art attempt at the Fort Worth Art Museum during a discussion on the Plight of Being An Artist.

Curtains by Good/Bad Art Collective of Denton on the 14th Floor of Bryan Tower on The Nasher XChange

The Dallas Museum of Art Attemps Peformance Art

Danielle Georgiou's Beauty/Beast at Red Arrow

Dueling Performance Art at the DMA   Performance Art at the DMA (two different stories)   

The Elbow of Art by Ken Shaddock is a history lesson of sorts

Ergonomics of Futility by Ian F. Thomas and Shreepad Joglekar as presented by Ros2 Art & Ryder Richards at 411 N. Tyler

Inside Outside Performance Art Showcase in five Oak Cliff spaces (link now) (link later)

Tina Medina's Kept Sensuousness, 2007 site-specific performance in collaboration with John Merrifield with performers Zac Hammer and Travis Waldschmidt at 500X

Ken Shaddock's Nolan Ryan Whoopee Cushion Art Crit Timeless Transformation Magic performance art at the Fierce Opening

Tony Orrico - Waning posh invitational at The MAC

Over-eating As Performance Art in an empty building in Main Street Windows produced by PefformanceSW

PAC-WE Flash Mob Action Art Happening & Performance Rally for Health Care in the official Arts District

The Performance Art that almost wasn't - Joseph Daun and the Cross Kart in Deep Elm

Prisoner of Pop - really bad early performance 'art' by Randall Garrett at Plush

Performance Art vs. Art Performance - two Perfromance Art series competing at the same time only a few blocks away on the same street — at 500X and Centraltrak

Pizzicato Porno (the first time at Ro2 downtown).

Pizzicato Porno (the second time)

The Richard Show "is very much like a slice of performance art or a momentary lapse of reason."

Robert Boland's Running Spiral performance in the Casket Factory on June 21, 2003 was one of the best and most elegant performance art pieces ever

Talk, Splatter, Funk & Zag - Maury Gotemiller at The Reading Room

The Late Joe Stanco's Viva La Vulva - A Highly Prejudiced Review of Bitch Stole My Ruby Red Slippers