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DallasArtsRevue Stories by James Michael Starr

The Adventures of Yen-Hua Lee - An Artist's Cautionary Tale About Getting Your Hopes Up And Expecting Things To Go Smoothly Just Because You Did Almost Everything Perfect"

Trampling Man - Dallas may not have genuine feelings for art, but just look at our public art and you can see we're trying a little too hard to get it up.

What Memory Looks Like - Aqsa Shakil


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Interviweing James Michael Starr (again) - Selling, Not Selling and the Effects on Art

Jim's Supporting Member Page One & Page Two

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His personal website

Him on Hooks-Epstein Galleries

Him at Cornell

His Author Profile on Renegade Bus

The Constant Gatherer - Art and Found by Katie Runnels

Him at Conduit Gallery in Dallas

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