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JR's Journal #2

The New Flat vs. The New Bumpy

Vera Barnett - Venus (detail) from her Classical Plastique series

Vera Barnett's pillowtated paintings at the mac play with that other dimension painters used to dream of. We got the dates wrong and went there expecting art Friday instead of Saturday night. The doors to the Charles DeBus and Lesley Dill shows were closed but a catalog for the former seemed out of focus.

Nearby, the New Works Space was spilling out color, so we went in and liked Barnett's fun of inflating classical and other paintings.

The New Flat.

Next was Barry Whistler for John Pomara's show of glossy, digitally flat paintings on aluminum of lines and rectangular fields of color and light, flat like photographs, dimensional like the ubiquitous rhythm of lines and fields and spaces all around us in all our lives,

Themes and techniques for Pomara's paintings were based on conversations with his late friend Scott Barber, whose shows immediately preceded both his and those now at the mac.

See our story about Scott's and other February 2006 shows.

Evan Daniel Lintermans - Mountain Three, 2004
acrylic on PlexiGlas - 60 by 48 inches

Debuting directly next door was former Angstrom gallerist Christina Reese' crowded new space, Road Agent, where Evan Daniel Lintermans' Mountain Paintings rose like fractal universes up close and real mountains at distance.

They too were slick and flat as rolled steel, sharply contrasting Pomara's abstractions with the ultimate earth-based three dimensionality of mountains rising to the sky.

The new bumpy.

Her Own Little World - girl computing at Road Agent opening

Last stop was VACD for a nearly one-dimensional group show by an art club called Collage, neatly wrecking that space's near term struggle to be taken for a real art gallery.

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