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Soft 'Loot' at
Mulcahy Modern

What is now Mulcahy Modern at 408 W. Eighth, near the corner at Bishop Street, in this renovated office building, used to be the State-Thomas gallery in Near North Dallas, at the edge of the shadow of downtown.

The space, in the left front of the building, is wide and deep, although there's comparatively little wall space — and lots of floor . Emphasizing this contrast, the work in this show is small, and the show appears spare and cool with an overwhelming impression of softness — soft art, with soft lines, soft textures, soft colors, soft, sometimes even fuzzy shapes and soft shadows — even though the actual materials are usually hard.

Celia Eberle - siren 1999
Carved styrofoam, paper mache,
clay, acrylic and synthetic hair, 13 x 9"

Perhaps the most intriguing piece in the show is this mermaid....

Celia Eberle - Bill 2000
Stuffed toy, found clothes
27 x 14"

Less striking, but softer is this faceless [material] teddybear by XXX. Harder in substance, yet nearly as soft in design and color is this plate, yaddayadda.



Tom Sime - Cobweb
acrylic, wax and ink on canvas
10 x 8"

Tom Sime's wax works are like a design frozen into the surface of gray ice, soft like shadows on the rubbed surface.




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