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Expo 2002 at 500X

by Kathleen DelloStritto and JR Compton
JR Compton photos

EXPO 2002 at 500X, a show juried by Vicki Meek and featuring work by Chris Athans, Susan Cheal, Kelli Connell, Anna K Cooper, Mary Epner, Benjamin Espey, Rick Fender, Lee Harrington, Paul Rogers Harris, Linda Murray, Elvia Perrin, Mathew Joseph, Hawthorne, Janus, Michael Madsen, Lee McBride, Christina Medina, Nola Richards, Erin V. Sota and Rober Stroud, through January 27, 2002

When Kathy and I first published a much shortened version of this review we left out most of the pictures and some of the comments. At the bottom of this page, JR has added some of the pictures he took of work Kathy didn't much appreciate, but JR loved.

Tony Schraufnagel's Smirk, 2001, mixed media - at 500X Contemporary turned out to be more than a hole in the wall. Although it is a hole in the wall.


Erin V. Sotak's A Peeling is elegant and absurd — wonderful! One, looong bed covered with plastic-coated but slowly rotting anyway, banana peels. Another pile on the floor nearby. The project room was getting rank when we visited a week after the opening. We didn't go back to check its olfactory progress.


As is Anna Cooper's Drawing With Chairs II [ above ] tumbling in and out of the wall.



Nola Richards' Earmuff series is enigmatic. Earmuff Series: Drawing of Rabit Earmuffs, 2000, acrylic, graphite on paper. The bandages and safety pins are puzzling but orderly. Is it supposed to be some kind of anti-fur message?


Of the three painting by Linda Murray, Swinging Across The Night Sky, 2001, acrylic on canvas, is the most exciting. All in all, a great show.


The following comments are by JR Compton only.


Lee McBride's Buy Product #2 "Allie," 2001, bottle caps, wire - had a sense of fun and looked like it was dancing upstairs on the far end of the sunlit gallery at 500X.


I really liked this 3-D chair / drawing, its simultaneous toying with two and three dimensions, the way that when it was seen from a distance, it almost blended into the wall, rendering the third dimension flat. I just wish I'd shot the title card for it, so we could tell who the artist is. I think it was called Chair Drawing or something similar.

(Much later, the artist sent in the title, etc. Then I lost it in a hard drive crash.)


Keitha Lowrance's Flagged, 2002, mixed media - is pretty minimal art, keeping up the X's tradition of making art of minimalist materials.



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