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Showing Process

by J R Compton

Art Shirer brought by two pieces - A Spinner and A Cranky Piece


Michael Helsem brought a new painting


Mark Williamson got into the spirit of showing process
by polishing a piece as we spoke of art and ideas




showing process

meet at door, introduce self, explain about Dallas art, describe web site, invite artists to be present so art conversations happen, accept pieces late and unready to hang, engage about piece of art they're looking at, contrast and compare, show progress in Dwayne Carter's pices, get them to put their finger in The Cranky Piece, tell stories about the art, have them crank the thing, talk about photo processes, software, printers, cameras, birds,

with balloons directly alligned to the sidewalk from the street to the house, people would walk next door looking for this place,

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